July 17, 2012

A Sneak Peek

When it rains, it pours….this time, in a good way! Right before and during my party planning madness with the girls’ 1st birthday, I had several custom order party printable requests. Now that the party is over, I have dug in and am up to my eyeballs in orders. And. I. Love It!

I’ve started this new thing where I create an inspiration board for the customer. This board has all the colors, patterns, fonts, and anything else I plan to use in their printables. I’m really liking it so far because 1. It gives me some focus when working on the order  2. It gives the customer a sneak peek at what’s to come and 3. It allows the customer to let me know of any changes they want before getting an entire set of printables done and having to go back and change it all.

So far I’ve completed a couple and have a few more to complete but I was so excited about the 2 that I’ve done that I had to share!

This first one is for a bridal shower.

Inspiration Board

And this one is for a little girl’s 1st birthday.

Inspiration Board

I can’t wait to start working on these sets!

Just FYI.
I’m working on a pricing sheet, along with some FAQs that I’ll have here on the blog and under shop info in my Etsy shop.

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