July 23, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake!

One of the many do-overs I wish I had for the girls first birthday is that I wish I would have gotten more pictures of them. I actually debated hiring someone to come take pictures for me. After the party, James and I were discussing the success and failures of the party and he made one statement that still sticks in my mind and I will remember for the next time. What he said was something like, you can’t be the party planner, the decorator, the caterer, the photographer AND the Mom. He is so right and I will so remember that for next time……I hope.

Anyway, we did get some pictures of them eating their cake and opening presents (which I will not be sharing because well, I’m in them and I am not too pretty. Trust me, I’ll explain later.)

The girls had no issue WHAT-SO-EVER with digging into their cakes.


Opening presents was pretty entertaining. There were a ton of them because there was pretty much two of everything so it took a while to get through them and let me tell you, 1 year old girls don’t have as much interest, as one might think, in opening so many presents. I know someday they will though…and there won’t be enough. Ha!

They got lots of clothes and books and a few new toys. One present they got is a very special gift…a tradition that started with my grandma. On their first birthday, the grandkids get their first rocking chair. My mom did this for my niece & nephew and carried on the tradition with the girls.


The girls loved them and my mom did a great job! She made the little cushions to match their room and put their names on the back. The girls love sitting in them but we have to be watching them closely when they do because well…they need a little practice getting in and out of them (there have been a couple of face plants and trapped under the rocking chair incidents, lol).



  1. Hey girl! I don't know how to reply on blogger so am leaving you a comment :) Thanks for the encouragement, it helps! I do have them on a nap schedule, give or take an hour or 2 here and there...they just tend to sleep for 30-45 min and that's it lately. They used to do better up until the past few weeks..they are way more active so maybe that's why? They do great at night, it's the daytime. Hopefully it gets better- as you know though, it's hard staying home sometimes! Love the girls bday outfits!

  2. HOW cute are those chairs??

    I am nervous for Brayden's party because I am certain that I will miss something trying to do it ALL.


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