July 24, 2012

How I saved 72% on My Grocery Bill

So you may know that I coupon. I’m certainly not an extreme couponer. Even if I wanted to be, the coupon policies of the stores around me pretty much make it to where you can’t be an extreme couponer. Besides, those people you see on TV? The stores make exceptions for them just so it’ll make good TV.

I often get discouraged about couponing and almost give up and then I have a night like tonight where I got a lot for very little and I’m happy and ready to jump back on the couponing bandwagon. I have a favorite store that I go to for when I don’t have coupons for things I need or for things I know are still cheaper after a sale and coupons at my “couponing” store. My “couponing” is the one that doubles coupons up to $1.00. It’s pretty much the only store in my area that doubles coupons. With that said, I made 2 stops tonight for our groceries for the next 2 weeks.

Because I meal plan around what I already have, I didn’t need much. So my first stop was mainly to complete the meals I’ve planned for the next 2 weeks. I only used 2 coupons and those were on toiletries. I spent around $55 and I have to admit, it made me a little sick to my stomach. If you coupon, you’ll totally get my feeling about that last statement. My second stop was for “stocking my pantry” items. Here is what I got…

photo (4)

They had the full line of Kellogg’s cereals on sale for 50% off and I had several different coupons (my store only doubles the first “like” coupon meaning if you have two of the same coupon, only the first one doubles.) I bought 9 boxes of cereal…don’t worry, I’m not a hoarder. We are cereal eaters and will probably have it cleared out in the next couple of months…hopefully not before the next sale though. ;)

Cost of cereal before the sale and without coupons:  $40.41
Cost of cereal after the sale and with my coupons:  $10.45
(I paid $0.80 for some and $1.20 for others per box after coupons)

I also got my iced coffee…I don’t know what I’ll do when I run out of those coupons! I got 2 cans of Tuna for free, the big bottle of mustard for $0.69, and 6 yogurts for I think around $0.39 each.

If I had not shopped the sale and used coupons, my total would have been around $55.

So let’s recap:

  • 9 boxes of brand name cereal
  • 2 cans of tuna
  • 6 cups of brand name yogurt
  • 1 large bottle of brand name mustard
  • 1 half gallon of International Delight Iced Coffee

My total after the sale and with coupons (plus tax)………….$16.86!

I’m off to print more coupons now!

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  1. Awesome deal! I bought the half priced cereal with coupons too! I almost went back last night before the sale ended to get a few more boxes. My kids devour cereal so that is always a huge score for us.


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