July 13, 2012

For MoMs by MoMs: Getting out with Multiples

Feels like we’ve been gone for quite a while! It’s good to be back to posting our MoMs posts after skipping last week! Jennifer, Amanda, Megan and myself missed all of you!

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Let’s face it, if you have more than one child it’s darn near impossible to leave the house…especially if it’s just you and them. Just the thought of packing up everything you need for 2 or more babies just to go to the grocery store can be exhausting! However, it can be done….with a little bit of planning.

I think the first time I got out with TnT was for one of Tillie’s PT appointments. I didn’t have anyone to watch Tensley so I didn’t have a choice but to take both girls. I almost had a panic attack but I survived, believe it or not. I started by making sure I had everything packed the night before and then I loaded it into the car the next day. Then I made sure I had each girl buckled into their carriers, blankets & paci’s included then I carried both girls out to the car….a carrier on each arm. Once we got to the PT appointment, I snapped both girls into the double stroller and wheeled them into the building. I knew in advance that the double stroller would fit in the building and in the area where we would be.

If I went to the store, I would typically push a cart and pull them in their stroller. I tried it the other way around and it just didn’t work because the stroller was just too heavy to maneuver with one hand. If I didn’t need much, I had a couple of hooks that would attach to the stroller handle and I would just hang a basket from them.

Now that the girls are older, it’s actually a little more difficult getting out because they are no longer in carriers. So now I have couple of options that I use depending on where we are. If it’s just doctor’s appointments, I have a single umbrella stroller that I put one in and then carry the other. If we are going to a store that has double child seats in their carts, I usually drive around the parking lot until I find a space next to a cart return (making sure there are actual carts in the cart return).

I have yet to try to take both girls to a restaurant by myself (I’m absolutely dying to take them to CFA for breakfast or lunch). If I need to go to a store that only has carts with single child seats, I wait until James gets home from work or until my mom can watch them. I also do this if I need to make several quick stops because honestly, I don’t like to sweat that much and getting 2 babies in and out of a car and a stroller multiple times (even in the winter) will make you sweat….a lot!

Ok, so let’s recap. Getting out by yourself with multiples isn’t that bad. Just make sure you have a plan, pack well, and be prepared to sweat a little. ;)

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