July 27, 2012

Creating a Message Center

So one day for some reason, I was getting into the cabinet above the fridge. You know, the one where you store stuff that you rarely, if ever, use? I grabbed a chair (because I’m way to short for a step stool), climbed up and…was totally disgusted by the sight before my eyes!

So I scrubbed the top of the fridge and then I cleared off all the papers and reminders and business card magnets and artwork from our niece & nephews and cleaned the rest of it. Until it sparkled.

Then I saw the top of the cabinets. So I grabbed the vacuum and sucked up all the layers of dust and cleaned off the few knick knacks I have up there.

Then I noticed the grime on the cabinet doors so I scrubbed them down.

Then I scrubbed the microwave, stove and countertops. And then, after I swept and mopped the floor, I decided that I didn’t like our little area where we had the phone.

James is somewhat of a coffee connoisseur so I’ve always wanted to put a little coffee bar type thing here but I have yet to convince him so I decided to make it a little more functional and our phone/message center.

Here is the before…

And here is the after….
photo 4

This little makeover cost me NOTHING! We had this little table in the living room but the girls kept trying to kill themselves on it so it got moved. We didn’t have a place for it and it was just sitting in the living room right in the walkway so I grabbed it to see if it would fit and it fits perfectly!

The message board is something James had made for me for my craft room (the craft room that isn’t getting used these days). Since I wasn’t really using it, I moved it to the kitchen. It’s nice getting all of the papers and such off of the fridge. I’ve never liked a cluttered fridge.

I also already had the baskets and the cookbook stand was a birthday gift from my mom. The little pink basket (which will eventually be replaced with something that matches a little better and the dry erase boards were items I had in my growing collection of things I’ve picked up in the Target dollar.

Now I just need to figure out a way to hid that phone outlet and maybe do something with that stark white switch plate!


  1. Cover them with scrapbook paper. ;-)

  2. Or, paint them with your left-over wall paint.....perfect match


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