June 20, 2012

WooHoo Wednesday!

I had to ask hubby what day it was last night. It’s amazing when you don’t work outside the home how often you lose track of the days. I guess that’s because technically, I never leave my job.

Thank you for the sweet comments about the pictures of TnT from yesterday’s post.

I’ve been a little stressed lately. I know this because my teeth hurt from clenching my jaw. I’m working on letting go of feeling the need to have everything done and perfect on a daily basis. I may be letting go a little too much…is it really possible to find balance?

I spent all afternoon yesterday cleaning off my phone. It got to where I couldn’t take pictures because “My storage was full”. I decided, however, that I need a program that will let you pick and choose the photos/videos you want to download from your camera/phone because I now have duplicates on my computer due to the fact that I don’t delete ALL my pictures after I download them. Anywho, I went from almost 1800 pictures on my phone down to a little less than 200. I went from no storage to 7.7GB. I can now run the 50 app updates that have been taunting me for weeks now. Ugh.

I’m getting more and more mommas addicted to International Delight’s Iced Coffee. I’m thinking they should give me a kick back of some kind….or at least a huge stack of coupons. ;) If you need coupons, let me know, I see them often…I hope they don’t slow down on issuing them. Also, if you can’t find it, it’s usually found in the refrigerated dairy section with the milk.

Party planning is coming along slowly. The invitations went out this weekend. I know what I’m doing as far as decorations and food but I really need to get in gear and get it done because, HELLO? TnT’s birthday is in like 17 days!! =/

Ok, I’m stressed again. ::Jaws clenched::

I’ve taught the girls “All Done” by swiping their hands together. They’ve gotten really good at it. Usually I have to ask if they are “all done” before they do it but in the last couple of days, they’ve done it without me asking. They’re so smart. :)

I have a list of party printable orders that I’m working on. I’m LOVING it! Being able to use my creative mind keeps me sane…it’s like my stress reliever. Eventually, I want to start styling some parties so I can take pictures of my actual products. Here’s a couple of orders I’ve finished in the last week.
Happy-Summer-1 Tractor-Invite

Speaking of being creative…I’ve decided to combine my other blog with this one so you’ll be seeing some of my work on here. You will also be able to access my freebies here too. This means a tiny bit of re-design for the blog but you shouldn’t notice any major changes…just mainly more items on my menu header above.

I’m getting closer to offering advertising spots. I’ll probably start out small just to test it out. If you are interested, shoot me an email.

Happy Wednesday!
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