June 5, 2012

Weekend Review

I think this last weekend was by far the busiest we’ve had so far this year. We had a retirement party and a birthday party on Saturday and another birthday party on Sunday.
After my mother in law passed away in January, my father in law decided to retire. He’s been having some back issues and being a Pharmacist, he was standing on his feet 12 hours a day and it was just becoming too much. So, we had a little family luncheon for him on Saturday. His last day was Thursday and he already seemed so much more relaxed and happy.
After the retirement luncheon, we headed to a Blue’s Clues 1st birthday party! My cousin and his wife had their little boy, Shane, a month before I had the girls and the day after my niece’s birthday.
06-02-12_0262 06-02-12_0263 06-02-12_0261
It was a cute party. My cousin’s wife and her mom always make the cakes. They do such a great job! I wish I had a picture of Shane’s big sister’s Strawberry Shortcake cake from her party back in April. It was soooo adorable!
The girls had fun watching all the kids but were a little tired because they only got to nap in the car as we made our stops. Here they are with their MiMi and Uncle Mel. Tensley looks frightened or stoned or something. Haha! Also, I’ve given up on keeping bows or headbands in her hair. I have a feeling her and I will go round and round about such things when she’s older.

Sunday was my niece’s 7th birthday party. I can’t believe she’s 7! She is obsessed with Super Mario right now so her party was Super Mario. You can see the printables I did and more pictures of the party HERE.
06-03-12_0234 06-03-12_0238
I just love that picture of my niece and her Angry Bird lovin’ Luigi brother. :)
The girls really enjoyed the Mario party. There weren’t as many kids so they got to roam about a little more but they were still pretty tired even though they slept in late and then took like a 3 hour nap before the party.
Here’s Miss Tillie with her Mario mustache (she wore it so well!) and her orneriness. She’s really good at pointing and giving the stink eye. LOL
06-03-12_0161 06-03-12_0252 06-03-12_0257
And as for Miss Tensley, well, that girl is always on the move which makes it hard to get pictures of her.
06-03-12_0258 06-03-12_0259
Oh, wanna see something really funny?
Bahahaha! James got a pass on wearing a mustache but I think he still should have because he doesn’t match the rest of us. ;)
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*Don’t forget to go take a peak at the rest of the Super Mario Party. Just follow the link in this post or click on My Creative Mind up above.
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  1. Hannah does a lot better leaving her bows in if I put her hair in a pigtail and then put the bow in. She doesn't usually notice it until she's in the car and bored that way. Otherwise, if she has a headband on like she did today, it's a constant fight to get her to leave it on!!!


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