June 27, 2012

Wahoo Wednesday

Since I haven’t done a TnT update in quite a while, I figured I would use this week’s randoms post to do one.


  • They are going to be 1 in 9 days! Eeeeep!
  • They both weigh somewhere between 22-25 lbs
  • They are wearing size 4 diapers, 12-18 month clothes, and size 3 shoes
  • Tillie has 2 bottom teeth and Tensley has her two bottom teeth and 2 top teeth.
  • Both girls still have their beautiful blue eyes (pretty sure it’s safe to say they will stay blue)
  • Tillie has pretty thick, very blonde wavy hair (is she really my child?)
  • Tensley’s hair is more like my um…natural color and now that it’s growing, seems to have a little bit of curl to it.


photo 1 06 16 12_0422 05 23 12_0313

  • Tillie is doing great with her PT. Now that she’s very mobile, it’s helping her torticollis a lot. She’s also made significant progress with her helmet in just 2 short months.
  • I think she’s going to be my girly girl. She gets excited when I put her clothes on…she has to look them over first before I put them on. And when Tensley pulls out her bow out of her hair, she tries to put it back on.
  • She is pointing at everything. If she’s pointing because she wants something and you don’t figure out what she wants in a timely matter, she gets a little irritated.
  • She has recently developed an obsession with balls and let me tell you, girlfriend has quite an arm on her.
  • She is pulling up and walking up and down furniture and anything else she can hold on to. She has also in the past day or so started trying to stand on her own.
  • She has the cutest squeal/giggle/laugh and gets excited about & thinks everything is funny…including momma telling her ‘No!’
  • She loves music and loves to dance. The Group One Crew Pandora station is her favorite. She’s pretty much mastered the hip hop hand pump. haha!
  • Mickey Mouse Club House and Barney are currently her favorite shows. She also likes Blue’s Clues, Backyardigans and Bubble Guppies
  • She has become a little bit of a picky eater. She loves fruits and most veggies and hates macNcheese (again, is she really my child?)


photo 2 06 16 12_0427 1703

  • Tensley is very, very close to walking. She has been standing on her own for a couple of weeks now and has started taking steps when holding on to our fingers…she’s working on her confidence. ;)
  • Girlfriend loves to talk with her hands. She’ll sit there and just start jabbering all while holding her hands out like ‘I don’t know’ and then puts them over her face like ‘Oh No’ and then she’'ll rub her hands through her hair. It’s quite hilarious. I just wish I knew what she was saying!
  • After watching her sister for a few weeks, she’s decided to start pointing too. She doesn’t point with as much enthusiasm as Tillie but she’s starting to point to things she wants.
  • She’s become much more focused when playing. She doesn’t pick up a toy and then throw it aside like she used to. She will now sit with it and try to figure out how it works.
  • She will sit and watch pretty much anything that’s on TV. She gets in a trance sometimes…I think mainly when she’s tired.
  • She is a great eater! She’ll eat pretty much anything we give her.
  • For a while she started doing this woody woodpecker giggle. It was the funniest thing! Now she gasps when she gets excited about something.
  • She’s so serious a lot of the time. She’s a happy baby but doesn’t smile too often.
  • She’s sneaky. I have learned when I hear Tillie giggle and then silence, Tensley is up to something and that I need to go investigate.

 photo 3 05 24 12_0307 06 06 12_0332 

  • Both girls seem to be momma’s girls although they love seeing their daddy when he gets home from work.
  • If I’m in the floor with them, they both have to be touching me. Especially Tensley…she’ll be playing or watching TV but have one hand on my leg at all times.
  • They both have started giving kisses. We’re working on blowing kisses but they don’t quite have the blowing part down
  • They both like patty cake and itsy bitsy spider and they do all the hand motions.
  • They have both learned how to tell me when they are all done by wiping their hands together (does that make sense?)
  • They love playing together and I love hearing the giggles and squeals when they do.

It’s a fun but busy time in our house right now and we are soaking up as much of it as we can.

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