June 8, 2012

My To Do List

I’ve been slacking a little this week and I stayed up way too late last night which has led to utter chaos today. Here is my to do list (I am accepting the fact now that only the things that HAVE to be done today will get done).

  1. Drink Coffee
  2. Tillie’s PT appoinment
  3. Go to Bank
  4. Go to Grocery Store
  5. Drink Coffee
  6. Clean Kitchen
  7. Clean off Dining Room Table
  8. Drink Coffee
  9. Finish making fabric flowers
  10. Bake cookies
  11. Design & print 15 art prints
  12. Put together tea cup favors
  13. Print, clip & organize coupons
  14. Make meal plan and grocery list
  15. Drink Coffee

And I get to attempt all of this while my 2 wild crazy octopus monkey baby toddlers try to undo everything I’ve already done. :)

Happy Friday!

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