June 21, 2012

Lost and Found

Raise your hand if you’re a mom and you find yourself constantly looking for something that has gone missing be it toys, your keys, pacis, etc. You are all raising your hand, aren’t you?

I experience mom brain daily and some days it’s excruciatingly worse than normal. Then there are those days where my husband and children like to mess with me and make me feel like I’ve lost my mind. I’m thinking back to a day when Tillie had a PT appointment and I was already running a little late. I was getting ready to load up the car so I went to grab my keys…..they weren’t there….in one of the spots I normally put my keys. I started looking in all the other spots where I normally set down my keys. No Luck. Then I started retracing my steps from the last time I remember seeing them. I spent 20 minutes looking for the stupid car keys. Then I decided to text James to see if he remembered seeing them anywhere. ‘Nope’ was the response I got. Well crud! After some texting back and forth and coming to the conclusion that I’d lost my mind it suddenly dawned on him, ‘Oh wait, um……don’t be mad….your keys are in my jacket pocket….the jacket that I’m currently wearing.’ Ugh. I had to cancel that PT appointment. The upside? I hadn’t lost my mind after all.

Now let’s discuss how my babies try to make me feel like I’ve lost my mind. Toys? We are constantly losing toys. Their play area is about 12 x 12 and toys rarely come out of that area yet we still have toys go missing. How does this happen?! Sometimes I’ve found that they have stuffed them into other toys but still, as of right now, I can think of a couple of things we are missing.

Pacis, Binkies, or whatever you call them…did/do your children hide them from you? This one I don’t get. They want, no they NEED their pacis but yet they hide them from you. Why is this?!  I have looked high and low for pacis the last couple of days and we are now only missing one (after I found 4 by moving almost every piece of furniture in their room). I can just see it now…the girls will go off to college and as I’m cleaning out their room to turn it back into my craft room (ha!) those pacis that I thought were forever gone will suddenly appear.

So you see? I haven’t lost my mind after all…. 

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  1. Mom brain is the worst! And my keys is typically what I am chasing after!


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