June 19, 2012

Getting on the Canvas Bandwagon

I’ve been wanting to do pictures of the girls on canvas but wasn’t sure where in my house to put them. I also haven’t been able to decide on a picture to use.

On Saturday, I had the girls dressed up because we had taken James’s dad out for an early Father’s day lunch. When early evening came, it was kind of cloudy and I thought, ‘this would be great light for pictures outside and we have those aqua chairs that would make a great prop’. So I ran outside, grabbed a chair, cleaned it up, placed it in the yard and then grabbed the girls. They had never been outside in the grass before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I just started snapping….with the help of James who kept them from eating whatever they could find.

Anyway, here’s the one that I think is canvas worthy (most of you have probably already seen it if you follow me on Instagram). I had this vision of also getting 2 smaller canvases (same height but narrower) of each of the girls standing up at the chair to put on either side of this one but after reviewing the pictures, I only got one of Tensley standing up and looking at the camera…Tillie was squatting down. :(


Here’s the standing/squatting pics..

06-16-12_0416 06-16-12_0418

And because when you take pictures of children, there are always outtakes.

Tensley: I wonder if I can get down from this chair…it doesn’t look like it’s too far down.
Tillie:  Hey, look over there! What is that?

Tillie: Hey sis, look. What is that?
Tensley: That green stuff is interesting. I really wish I could get down there and check it out…maybe taste a little of it.

Tillie: Now it’s over there! Sis! Look! What is that?!
Tensley: I have no idea! Why do you keep pointing at things?

Happy Tuesday!
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  1. Oh wow these girls are precious. What is your instageame am name? I would like to find other twin mommies. I'm ashleyannshorter

  2. Love your play by play. :) top picture is canvas worthy for sure.

  3. Super cute, I think the top one is definitely canvas worthy! I know that you are an aspiring photographer (I am too), I'm really loving Tensley's expression in the last one, have you tried a composite of her face from the last pic into the first pic?


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