June 13, 2012

Fruit Cocktail Trees


Yes, you read that right. We have and have had 2 fruit cocktail trees on our property. They are suppose to bear like 5 different kinds of fruit and honestly, I’m not sure I’ve seen five…maybe 2 but not 5. Believe it or not, we have never eaten the fruit because the either the birds got to it before we could or they got too ripe and fell to the ground and then got mowed over.


This past week, we finally picked and ate the fruit. This year, it’s plums and Oh. Em. Gee. they are delicious. They are so sweet and taste like candy. They are also totally organic because we’ve never done anything to the trees except cut limbs. No fertilizer. No Pesticides. Nothing.


On Tuesday evening the girls were restless. We hadn’t been out of the house since Saturday and they were already going stir crazy so I loaded them up in their little wagon and took them for a ride around our property. Toward the end of our little jaunt around the yard, we stopped at the trees and I started picking some of the fruit. Before I knew it I had a huge bowl full.

The girls couldn’t wait to get their hands on them. I mean, they do look like balls and I’m sure the sweet smell was very intriguing.


I’m not sure how since she doesn’t have any top teeth yet but Tillie managed to break through the tough skin first and Tensley wasn’t far behind.


They were pretty happy about their little treat at the end of their wagon ride.


Straight to the bathtub they went!

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