June 25, 2012

For MoMs by MoMs: Your Questions Answered

Hello MoMs! Glad you stopped by! We’re answering your questions that were asked last week. We want you to know that we are answering by telling you what has worked for us. We are in no way experts on raising multiples (except maybe our own and sometimes that’s questionable, haha) so please take these answers for what their worth to you. I hope you can find the anwer(s) your looking for and if you don’t, let us know and maybe we can find someone who might be able to help! Speaking of…if you would like to answer any of these questions in a post of your own, we have provided a link up so feel free to link up your answer post!

Ok, let’s get started.

My twins are almost a year old and are into everything! My main problem right now is biting! Any advice on getting babes this young not to bite? – Mary

I personally haven’t had this problem…yet but I would probably separate them. I usually keep them in the same space but I move them a few feet away from the other and try to distract with some other activity. This is what I do now when one is climbing all over the other or pulling each other’s hair, etc and most of the time, it works.

Im 31 weeks with twin boys. Did you have any ideas on the personalities of your twins, and if so were you correct? Mine seem so different already! – Brittany

Yes! I totally knew how my girls were going to be. In fact, just recently, my family and other people have mentioned how different they are and how they can’t believe that one is like this and the other like that. I tried to tell them before they were even born how they were going to be. Tensley is my mover and shaker. In utero, she was always moving and doing flips. We even have a video of an ultrasound where she’s doing somersaults and kicking her sister in the head (well, not literally kicking her head but it sure looked that way!) Tillie would always kick in utero and to this day, when she gets excited or upset, her legs start going.

Did you sleep train? If so, when did you start? – daysofserenity

Just recently, I guess you could say I sleep trained. When the girls were born, they slept good and we didn’t really have any problems until around 10 weeks. Then we started having sleep issues until just a couple of weeks ago. They’ve slept through the night really well from about 4-5 months but our problem was GETTING them to go to sleep. After several nights of being up until 3am, we finally did a little CIO. I had tried everything else with no luck. It was our last ditch effort….and it worked! It was hard but the first time we took them to their cribs, told them it was night night time, rocked them in our arms for a minute or so and kissed them and told them night night and that we loved them. Tillie fussed only for a few seconds and Tensley had a meltdown (she’s the drama queen) but it only lasted probably less than 5 minutes (it felt like 30).

My suggestion on this is establish a nightly routine and stick with it (the rituals….bath, bottle, bed time story, etc and the time you put them to bed)!  We became flexible with their bed time because well, we were tired (and maybe a little too lazy) to deal with it so we just let them stay up until they basically just passed out and then took them to their cribs. Now? They go to bed around 8-8:30 and I get them up at 7:30. I also put them down for naps at the same time every day too. Even if they don’t sleep, they stay in their cribs until it’s time to get up.

I'm having twins come November. I've been crazy researching strollers. Which ones do you guys have and what are some of the pros and cons. – Marianna

I have the Chicco Cortina Together stroller and loved it until recently. It worked great when they were in their carriers.
It’s light weight
The storage basket underneath is large
It pushes pretty easily
It has 2 cup holders and a little storage compartment in between the cup holders (I like to put my keys and phone in there)

Now that they’re older and not in the carriers…
Only the back seat fully reclines
It does not have trays…it only comes with a nap bar for the front seat and 2 cup holders that also attach only to the front
There is a brace in front of the back seat that is used for the carriers and it does not come off so the child that sits in the back has that brace right in front of them. It makes me feel claustrophobic but actually doesn’t seem to bother my girls.

Any tips for potty training? Were you able to train both twins at the same time? My boys are 18 months and we hope to start around 2ish? – Holli

I wish I had an answer for this one but my girls aren’t old enough for potty training. Hopefully, someone will link up with some answers/advice for you!

I have 6 month old twin girls and they are horrible nappers. . . any tips on getting them to take better/longer naps? – Kathryn

I also had this issue. What I did to resolve it was wake them up at the same time every day, put them down for naps at the same time every day, and make sure they have play time in between to make them tired. I think the rule of thumb is for them to sleep minimum 45 minutes to maximum of 2 hours.  Sometimes my girls only nap for 45 minutes and then other times I have to wake them up after 2 hours. And I’m sure you’ve already heard this but consistency is key.

How do you balance treating your twins fairly with treating them as individuals with individual needs? - that crunchy twin mom

When I first saw this question, I couldn’t wait to sit down and answer it. Now that am answering these questions, I’m not sure how to answer this one! I don’t think I’ve really had a problem with this yet…I guess maybe it  just seems to come naturally to me? Or maybe my psychology background helps? I don’t know. The best I can do is to say I know their personalities, take that into account and act accordingly. I may not always be right or fair but I try my best.

There they are, my best answers to your questions. If you want to answer or elaborate on any of these, feel free to link up! Also, don’t forget to “hop” on over to the other MoM hostesses and check out their answers because I can almost guarantee you they’ll probably be different than mine!

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  1. sorry maybe my question was a little vague. i have seen so many twins who are always treated exactly the same, dressed the same, always referred to as twins, ect. so maybe a better question would be "in what areas do you treat your twins differently? do they ever have different needs and how do you meet those while still making things fair?" this is more of a wondering how you do it type of question than actually looking for advice.


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