May 30, 2012

Random Wednesday

-I am writing this post at almost 1am. I should be in bed.

-I went to the grocery store last night thinking I could beat the storms that were moving in. While in the store, it started hailing so bad that it sounded like the store was going to implode. I just knew my car would be totaled from the sound of it. I was completely surprised to find no damage!

-Being in a store during bad storms seems to be my thing this year. Do you remember this post?

-On my adventurous grocery store trip I got a package of Chinet plates for &0.09 and two packages of Hefty cups for $0.25/ea. It’s purchases like this that keep me couponing.

-The girls have both developed some quirky behavior lately. We find ourselves laughing at them constantly. Hope to do a post dedicated to their quirkiness soon.

-I keep saying that I need to get the details of their 1st birthday wrapped up but I have yet to work on it.

-As of tomorrow, James and I will be married 15 years. No, we did not get married in high school. Yes, I’m that old. Thank you, now I feel really old.

-I need to do some clean up on my phone because it keeps telling me I’m out of memory! :(

-I don’t have high hopes for getting caught back up from our holiday weekend. I’m just tired this week.

-In the last month or so I have been able to tell a big difference in how I feel. How long after giving birth do those hormones stay around? I want them back. I just don’t have the energy I did before. I also miss the pregnancy hair…now it’s back to thin & frizzy. It wasn’t frizzy before. =/

-I’ve lost 2 lbs in the last 2 weeks. Although, I think I’ve gained it back after last weekend.

-I went to a Zumba class at the library a couple of weeks ago and loved it! I’m once again thinking about getting Zumba for the Wii. Did you know that an hours worth of Zumba burns an insane amount of calories?! I think I burned around 500 during that class! It really is a great workout.

-I’m sorry I didn’t have any pictures to keep this post from being so boring. I keep telling myself to take more pictures. I’m gonna do it. Really, I am.

The week is already half over! Hope you all have an enjoyable Hump day! :)

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  1. I had no idea about zumba and burning that many calories.. How fun!

    Glad you are okay and your car had no damage from the hail storm.

    Can't wait to read about the twins. :)


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