May 24, 2012

Home Organization Re-Done

Remember yesterday when I said I had worked on my coupons and home organizational notebook on our way down to the lake? Today I’m going to share a little about my little notebook because I have had some people asking me about it.

My first notebook was created with free printables found online and a boring old binder I found in our office. One day while at Target, I came across some much prettier binders and decided that in order to be inspired to actually use my home organizational notebook, it needed to be pretty so I grabbed this one.
I chose this one because well, it was chevron, duh. Oh and also because it had pockets on the inside covers.

I also picked up some page dividers with erasable tabs. I couldn’t find anything on the package that said what to use to write on them so I immediately thought, erasable…dry erase markers! That thinking was flawed because dry erase markers DO NOT work on these page dividers. I quickly discovered that ink was the way to go. To get even more inspired, I just happened to have colored ink pens!

Home-Organization_4 Home-Organization_2

I got my printables from these places:

My notebook is organized like this:

  • In front of page dividers I have a weekly project list. These are things I would like to get done that don’t necessarily fall under the weekly chore schedule. Behind this page, I have my daily to do list.
  • Meal Planning: The first page is a list of meals that we like (I add to if often). After that are the actual meal plans.
  • Recipes: Some meals I’ve made forever and don’t really need a recipe but the one’s I’m still learning I put in this section.
  • Chore schedule: This is where I have my weekly chore schedule and then any other cleaning or organizing checklists/tips that I find online.
  • Baby Info: Right now, the only thing in this section is an infant feeding chart given to me by our pediatrician. I have a feeling this section will either change or be eliminated altogether in the near future.
  • Phone/Address List: I like to have this section for most used phone numbers and addresses. It comes in handy when I’m sending out invitations or photo cards of the twinsies. The printable I have is only for phone numbers and can be found HERE.
  • Birthdays and Anniversaries:  Pretty self explanatory. I use this printable.
  • Blog Posts: This is currently my last section (although I have more dividers to be used ;) I’m thinking I’m going to start using THIS printable.

So that pretty much sums up my home organizational notebook. This “re-do” seems to be working for me so far. The main problem I had before was my chore schedule. This time I broke it down a bit more so I’m not doing major chores every day.

If I were to give you any advice on creating your own home organizational notebook, do what works for you and if you need to change some things that are working, don’t fret over it. Just adjust it to what works best for you. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

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