May 21, 2012

For MoMs by MoMs: Baby Gear!

It’s that time again! Are you ready to link up your post about baby gear? This week’s post is applicable to any mom so even if you don’t have multiples, we want to hear what you think is the best baby gear!Be sure to check out the other MoMs hostesses, Jennifer, Amanda and Megan to get their thoughts on the best baby gear.


So, you’ve found out that your pregnant and if you are like me, you immediately wanted to know the gender(s) of your little angel(s) so you can start decorating the nursery. Am I right? To me, having a space that your baby(ies) will be happy and comfortable in is just about as important as any of the baby gear you are going to need.

Now on to the baby gear...
I’m going to give you a list of the things that have worked best for us. I have several favorite baby gear items but I’m only going to go into detail on a few of my top picks. If you have any questions about the other items I list, feel free to email me.

The first and best investment we made for TnT were the Bobby Newborn Loungers. In the early days, when they’re not mobile, these little papasan like pillows were very versatile. I could move these anywhere very easily. The girls and I could all lay on our bed and I didn’t have to worry about them rolling off (never leave them unattended in these though).  They loved curling up in these for naps (the warning states ‘not for sleeping’ but who am I to heed warnings, ha!). They also came in handy when both girls were diagnosed with reflux because it propped them up (the 3 of us slept on our couch for a few weeks because of the reflux). If you have multiples, this is definitely something you’ll want for each child. At a $30 price tag, these are a very affordable and handy thing to have.


Once the girls grew out of the Boppy loungers, we were in search for something else that they could hang out it during the day. What we found was the Fisher Price Snugabunny Bouncer. We have absolutely loved these! Definitely another thing you will need for each child. They vibrate and play music and nature sounds. I really wish they made one of these for adults! Ha! The girls are actually still using these at 10.5 months old. The weight limit is 25 lbs and they are very, very close to that so I’m not sure what we’ll do when they no longer fit in them because they love these so much. The only con I found to these was that with a wide base, I often tripped over the front legs and would hurt my little toesies pretty bad but it wouldn’t keep me from buying them again if needed.

Let’s say your little one(s) get a stuffy or snotty nose and the pediatrician tells you that you need to do saline & suction. You MUST get one of these! It’s the Graco NasalClear Nasal Aspirator. For us, it has by far worked better than the typical ball syringe and we will use it well into the girls toddler years or until they can blow their nose. If you have multiples, you will only need one of these as the parts are washable.

Let’s see, what else…..

Oh yeah! This is definitely a must have!!

This little system is called the Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor Deluxe Plus. The Plus part is that it comes with two sensor pads instead of one which is nice when they get older and start moving around the crib. This system doesn’t really work if you have your twins or multiples in the same crib because if one were to stop breathing, it would still pick up the other baby’s movements but it’s definitely worth purchasing when you separate them. When we separated them we purchased another Angelcare system that only has one sensor pad and we tend to get a lot of false alarms when she moves toward the edge of the crib. With that said, they don’t happen often enough that we would reconsider buying this system. I love the security of knowing that if my babies stop breathing in the middle of the night or anytime they’re sleeping in their cribs, this monitoring system will let me know. You’re going to think I’m crazy for saying this but I wish I could use this system until they go to college! Haha!




Speaking of sleeping…if you have an iPhone, you must get the White Noise app! We’ve loved this app so much that we bought a docking station to put in the girls room so we can use it instead of a sound machine.

Other items we’ve purchased and loved:

  • Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair
  • Fisher Price Little Superstar Step n’ Play Piano
  • Kalencom diaper bag
  • Bumbo seats

I’m sure there are things I may be forgetting but these are my top, most used items and I might have gone insane without them.

Be sure to head on over to this week’s hostess, Amanda’s blog and link up with your baby gear post!

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  1. cute nursery! that nose aspirator looks awesome. luckily we haven't had a lot of stuffy noses but i will keep that one in mind just in case.


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