May 23, 2012

Birthday & Lake Weekend

This past weekend was a busy one so this might be a little long. I got some good pictures but was a big photog fail on some of the events. And can you believe that I only snapped a handful of pictures of the girls this weekend? Makes me sad. :(
Friday was James’s birthday so I had my family over to celebrate. We had pizza, brownies and strawberry shortcake. The only picture I got was of 10.5 month old Tensley taking down my 3 year old nephew. Now that I think about it, I don’t think he outweighs her by much. Haha!

On Saturday, we decided to head to the lake to visit my grandpa. On the trip down, I was very productive. I told James we need to take more road trips because it’s the only time the girls are contained and I have time to work on anything. Ha! Anyway…I managed to get my coupon box cleaned out and organized, clipped and filed my new coupons, did my meal plan for the week and got my weekly chore schedule done (I have a post coming on my home organizational notebook…hopefully this week).
Once we got there, we had lunch and visited a little bit before we all decided to go to the beach. I didn’t get any pictures of the girls because they stayed back at the house with MiMi and Nanna while the rest of us headed down to the beach. :(
The kids played in the water & sand.
05-19-12_0008 05-19-12_0016
While most of the adults fished.
05-19-12_0084 05-19-12_0065
On Sunday, we had church and another birthday celebration for James with his family. Sadly, again, I didn’t get any pictures.
It was a fun weekend. Not a very relaxing one but pretty fun. I was exhausted by the time we got home from the lake Saturday and didn’t really feel rested until Yesterday.
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  1. For not getting many shots you sure did get some great ones. Unfortunately I find the busier I get the fewer shots I get too!


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