May 9, 2012

10 Months?!?!

photo (2)

I’ve been getting bad about taking pictures of the girls lately. Especially their monthly pictures. I’m already regretting it. With that said, I snapped this today and it’s pretty typical of their personalities/relationship. Haha!

TnT turned 10 months on Monday and I am in full on party planning mode for their 1st birthday.

Tillie got her doc band to fix her flat noggin. It’s going really well! She’s made a lot of progress in the 3 short weeks she’s been wearing it.

In their 1oth month they’ve…

  • started eating just about everything…including the dog’s food. Don’t they know that stuff is disgusting?! They love avacado, blueberries, cheerios, bananas, blueberry muffins, and bbq.
  • become very mobile….Tillie started crawling this last month and now she’s chasing her sissy everywhere! It’s the cutest thing when they take off together and start giggling. When it gets quiet, I know I need to go check on them because it usually means they’re getting into trouble.
  • had their mattresses lowered to the lowest setting. Tensley started pulling up to standing and Tillie pulls up to her knees. She has pulled up to her feet a couple of times.
  • started getting along a little better (see above). Now that Tillie has the helmet, Tensley doesn’t pull her hair as much.
  • started barking. Yes, barking. They go to the back door when Bear (our Australian shepherd) is outside and they bark. It’s so funny.
  • started teething. Between the two of them they have 3 teeth. Tillie actually surpassed her sister with 2 teeth while Tensley only has one. All of their teeth are on bottom.
  • outgrown their 6-9 month clothes and are wearing 12 months and in shirts are actually wearing 18 months…mainly to cover up their bellies.
  • been to the zoo for the first time.
  • swung in the baby swing at the park.

As you can see, they are so much fun right now. We LOVE hearing all the giggles & squealing in our house right now. They definitely keep us on our toes!

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  1. I love reading about you and the girls! I was babysitter for twins from age 5 mo. till 5yrs. Never a dull moment! Was a great experience for sure.


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