April 23, 2012

When Daddy is away….

…the girls will play! Whew! We had a busy weekend!

Friday, Tillie had PT. Then we went grocery shopping and then I had a girls night out with my long time BFF, Jami. It was good to get out and be able to chat without the interruption of kids/babies. It’s something we try to do as often as we can…which isn’t very often. We chatted over chips and salsa just like we’ve always done and then we continued chatting over coffee. I don’t really even remember what we chatted about but it was good therapy.

Saturday, we went to a birthday party. The girls were WILD Saturday morning. They were squealing and laughing and being little octopus monkeys (this is what I call them when I have to wrestle them…when their arms and legs are going in every direction and they are on the move all at the same time!) and so we were late to the party. Getting 3 girls ready by yourself is no easy task!

photo 1 (21)   photo 2 (21)
Tillie copping an attitude & her hair cracks me up. Ever notice pics of Tensley being blurry? That’s because she Never. Sits. Still. You think the pancakes, eggs & sausage they had for breakfast might have turned them into wild & crazy babies?

CameraAwesomePhoto (20)  photo 3 (10)
photo 4 (4)  CameraAwesomePhoto (21)
Upper left: both girls at the bday party; Upper right:  Tensley sporting her new sunglasses from the dollar section at Target :D ; Lower left & right:  Tillie’s helmet matched their cupcake dresses. ;)

Sunday, I decided that my sis and I needed to take the kids to the zoo. She reluctantly agreed. The day started off a little chilly but ended up being a beautiful day. My sis and I also got quite a workout. I had no idea there were so many hills at our zoo! Both of us had strollers with TWO children in them! We were exhausted by the end of the day and I am a little bit sore today.

Here are the girls and my niece & nephew, ready to get the party started!
CameraAwesomePhoto (31)  CameraAwesomePhoto (22)
CameraAwesomePhoto (34)*Sigh* Always a paci in the pictures of the girls these days.

Our first stop, of course, was the giraffes and then we ended the day with the new elephant exhibit. It was spectacular! There was an enormous uphill walkway that would allow you to view the elephants from above. It was neat because you felt like you were pretty close to them.
CameraAwesomePhoto (28)  CameraAwesomePhoto (24)
Please pay no attention to the fact that my head is clearly reflecting the sun due to the fact that I have fine & thin hair. Ugh. Neither one of the girls got fussy the whole day. As you can see in the picture though, Tillie was getting pretty tired…there was just too much excitement for them to nap.

CameraAwesomePhoto (36)  CameraAwesomePhoto (30)

I’d really like to go back and spend more time at the elephant exhibit and then visit the children’s area…we ran out of time so we didn’t make it by there.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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