April 12, 2012

An Update on RSV

TnT had their 9 month WCC today which included a follow up on their RSV diagnosis from last week.

The good news? Their lungs & ears were clear. We’re continuing breathing treatments until at least this weekend. We also came home with some steroids for Tensley because the pediatrician thinks she may have an upper respiratory thing. The girls are both still pretty snotty & congested so they also came home with Nasonex.

Tillie seems to be feeling much better. She’s been happy & smiling & giggling the last 2 days. I love that she’s such a happy baby.

Tensley has her moments. Sometimes she’s giggling and playing and then she has moments where she crawls to me and tugs on my pant leg because she just wants to snuggle with momma.

The breathing treatments are going ok. We’ve tried many different methods on trying to get them to sit still and the thing that works the best (though not all the time) is the PBS app on our phones. Me, James and my Mom all have it on our phones now. Sid the Science Kid seems to capture their attention the best. Dinosaur Train runs a close second.

As for their 9 month WCC…

Tensley has surpassed her sister for the first time in weight since they were born! She weighs 19lbs 15oz and is 26 3/8” long. Tillie has actually lost weight since her last visit to the doctor. She weighs 19lbs 10oz and is 27 1/8” long. They each got one shot….ouch! But really, they did great. Only cried for a few seconds…well after they got their shot. :)

Two appointments down this week and one to go….two more next week. Including a very early appointment to pick up Tillie’s helmet.

I’ve been feeling a little under the weather, let’s hope momma doesn’t get sick. I need to get out of this house for something other than doctor’s appointments!

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  1. My son had a helmet. Best decision. It does not even bother them. No matter how much you clean it,it stinks
    Amy Mumaw

  2. Poor things...hope they are 100% soon! And that you stay well too. :)


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