April 24, 2012

Sweet Tillie Update

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Tillie had her first helmet check today. We went in to see if any adjustments needed to be made to her helmet. They made a few minor adjustments but other than that, it’s fitting pretty good.

She’s up to wearing it for 23 hours a day now. I’m so glad she tolerates it like she does. Sometimes, it actually seems like she likes it. When we put it on her, we tell her how cute she looks and she just grins. She got a lot of attention at the grocery store last week and she would pat the sides of her helmet and give people a huge grin and sometimes would even squeal. She’s too cute! I think she’s going to be my girly girl….she knows a good accessory when she sees one. ;)

Speaking of accessories…I’ve gone crazy decorating her helmet. I love being able to change out the stickers to match her outfits. If we have a day or two where we don’t leave the house, I just leave the stickers on from the last time we were out running errands. I think I need to go get some more stickers though. She has a few outfits that none of the stickers I bought would match.

I really hope her time in this helmet goes fast. She tolerates it so well but it breaks my heart that she has to wear it. I know it’s for the best….I just already want to be done with it.

Her physical therapy is going well. Now that she is starting to become mobile, it’s helping her work and stretch the muscle in her neck. We’ve just about decided she’s been able to crawl for a while, she just has no interest….or hasn’t been motivated enough to do so.

Regardless of everything, she is one tough and happy little girl. I thank God for that every day.

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P.S. Tensley says ‘Hi!’ She’s doing well. I’ll post an update on her soon.

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  1. I love how cutesy you are with the stickers!


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