April 18, 2012

Proud Momma

Yesterday was a big day for us….well, mainly Tillie but nevertheless, a big day.

We started of with a very early appointment to get Tillie’s helmet. It was so early, they went in their jammies because momma barely got herself ready and the car packed up. Tillie did great at her appointment. Each time they put the helmet on to see where they need to make adjustments, she sat still and didn’t fuss a bit. Then when they took it off I rewarded her with patty cake and itsy bitsy spider (she loves to clap). We left with the helmet on.

photo 1 (15)

We decided on white so we could decorate it however we wanted.  She wore it for 1 hour and then off for 1 hour. She never fussed. She would get quiet and stop laughing & squealing but she still smiled. When I took it off, she would go back to squealing & laughing. I’m sure it’s just something she has to get use to then she’ll be laughing & squealing regardless. :)

After being out running errands all day (literally. like I picked up dinner on my way home), I fed the girls and then let them play to release some energy before putting them to bed.

They. Were. Hysterical.

They laughed and squealed and played and interacted. Tensley was crawling all over the place and Tillie decided she wanted to follow so she would get on all fours and try really hard to crawl so she could catch up with sissy. After many tries, she finally started being able to take 2 crawling “steps”! Girlfriend is going to be crawling everywhere very soon!

Here’s proof…a baby on the move blurry pic.
photo 2 (17)

And if that’s not good enough for you, how about this…

Another good thing about yesterday? The girls were getting along. We’re having more & more of these days.
photo 1 (15)

I’m so proud of these girls and I ask myself all the time, “How did I get so blessed to have such good babies?”

And Tillie? Well, I think she’s going to be just fine. ;)

photo 2 (17)

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P.S. Tillie is also on the verge of cutting a tooth…or two!


  1. Your girls are just too cute for words mama and I'm soo glad that Tillie is doing well with her helmet!! Hopefully all will improve quickly and she'll be done with it in no time! Xo

  2. How cute!! I'm glad the helmet situation is going well :)


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