April 16, 2012

Go to Target & Stay there

Events on the afternoon of Friday, April 13th…..

“Hi honey. I just looked at the radar and noticed the storms are really close. Are you near a TV? Can you tell me how bad they are?”

Turns out they were pretty bad. I was with my mom & the girls shopping and the storms were headed towards our house. Some had rotation and golf ball sized hail.

“Babe, it’s looking pretty bad. Don’t come home because they are headed this way & you shouldn’t be driving. I don’t think it’s headed your way. Go ahead and go to Target & stay there until it passes.”

Um. Surely he knew how dangerous that statement was. :)  Little did I know how dangerous that statement was!

We proceeded to Target. We weren’t there long before I started hearing weird sounding thunder…thunder that I had heard before….a sound that you typically hear before a tornado…an eerie constant rumbling. Then we heard the downpour on the roof. Seconds later the tornado sirens went off. Are you kidding me?!

Next thing I know, we hear an announcement that there’s a tornado heading our way and to proceed to the produce section. This is where I get a little panicky. My mom would say that I totally freaked out…she likes to embellish stories but I’ll admit, I was a little panicked. I have babies now. It is my job to keep them safe. I proceeded to the produce section and weaved in and out of the people until I got as close to the deli/bakery counter as possible. I knew that if it got really bad, they would start moving people into the freezers and I wanted to make sure we made it into those freezers if it came to that.

After numerous and failed attempts to call someone to find out exactly what was going on, I started getting outside calls coming in. My dad got through first. He was making sure we were ok.  Then James got through. He was near a TV & could tell us exactly where the tornado was. Thankfully it was almost due south of us and was moving north east. It did, however, hit about a mile due east of where we were….way too close for my comfort.

Finally, they let us all go. I’ve never been so happy to leave Target! Haha!

We were suppose to have bad storms come through Saturday night but thankfully, they weren’t even severe once they reached us. However, a town in the north west part of the state was totally devastated by a very large tornado. My heart breaks for them as I know what it’s like to lose your home to a tornado.

Needless to say, Friday the 13th was, if you’re a glass half full kind of person, lucky for me and my family.

Hope your weekend was a good one!

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  1. I'm glad you guys are okay! It got worse here than we were expecting it to, but luckily no damage to my mom's house. Ours was classified at a 3 and said that we had a month's worth of tornados in one night. I think one is one too many!

  2. So glad y'all are okay. We take bad weather seriously after the storms from last year, so we spend a good bit of time in the basement when we hear bad weather is coming our way.

  3. Glad you're okay! I had my hubby call and tell me to take shelter on Saturday too... I had no idea there were bad storms in our area either! Wish I had been somewhere fun like Target :).


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