April 2, 2012

Before & After

Spring cleaning is in full effect around here lately. So much so that even Hubby is completely on board.

As most of you know, we bought new bedroom furniture last weekend and this weekend, we had our carpets cleaned. It’s the first time since we’ve been in this house that they’ve been professionally cleaned (I know…Ewwww, yuck!). I have to say I really wasn’t THAT impressed as we had to do some follow up cleaning & deodorizing (My house now smells like vinegar but yet is better than the dog smell before. Bleh!)

Getting the carpets cleaned means you have to clear the floors which means that you have to put it all back after said floors are cleaned. To me, this was the perfect opportunity to purge and organize all those closets & corners of our house that desperately needed some TLC (Ay, ay, ay, what was I thinking?!) Let’s just say, this task was way bigger than I could have ever imagined and only really got our closet done. Other closets and corners will have to be done at a later time (like when I can get my hands on something to give me superpower energy for an entire day…or let’s be honest…an entire week!)

Anyway, I promised you some pictures from our bedroom makeover. I really wanted to wait until it was completely finished but then I thought I might get your opinion on a few things.

Here are the before & after shots of our bedroom (please don’t judge the state of my lack of cleanliness or the fact that these are iPhone pics)
photo 4 (4)
This was looking in from the door.

And here is the after view. I managed to get animal print into my room with my elegant yet swanky zebra curtains! :)

photo (40)
This is the main big window in our room.

And this is what it looks like now. We moved the girls glider/recliner out of their room and into ours. It makes their room seem much bigger now. I’m going to paint the mats on those pictures and probably move them elsewhere in the room.

photo 2 (14)
This is where our bed was before.

And here is the after view. I love that the bedroom set had a media chest. We actually use it as if it were another chest of drawers. That’s my jewelry chest on the left. Also, why do they put smoke detectors in the middle of the wall?!?!

photo 1 (19)
This is the wall where our bathroom & closet are. Note the closet because there is an after shot of that too!

And here is the after. I have a wedding picture that I want to put above this chest of drawers. It’s currently in an off-white frame though so I need to paint it first before I hang it.

So there you have it. My new swanky master bedroom!

Oh wait! I almost forgot! Remember the glimpse of my closet above? Well, after working all day yesterday, purging and cleaning and organizing it, it is finally in a state that doesn’t make me absolutely crazy and want to hyperventilate when I go in there.

Ok, now here’s where I ask your opinions.

First, I need to paint. Other than the bathrooms, this room is the only one left in the house that has yet to ever be painted. I was thinking a light gray and then a darker gray on the wall that the bed is on. Thoughts

Next, the lamp shades are obviously the wrong color for the bedroom now. Looking at the picture, I’m now thinking the lamps might be too small in relation to the bed. Get new lamp shades or new lamps?

Lastly, the wall with the TV and the glider needs something but I’m not sure what. Maybe a mirror over my jewelry chest and a grouping of something over the glider? What, if anything, should I put above the TV?

Looking forward to hearing your opinions!

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  1. You should raise the curtain rod to about 1 or 2 inches below the ceiling (to add height to the room). Also, get a rod that is significantly wider than the window (an extra 12-16 inches on each side) to, again, make the window seem larger. When the curtains are open, they should frame the window and not encroach on any of the light they let in.

  2. I like the curtain idea. Different lamp shades, maybe red. I don't know how that would look on a dark gray wall though. Put the pictures that are on either side of the curtains in a grouping over the recliner and maybe a decorative mirror over the jewelry chest. Nothing over the TV.

  3. I love it!! Girl, youve been working hard and it looks fab!!


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