March 28, 2012

Wednesday Randoms

We’re having a good week so far. My new outlook is still intact. ;)

I got my Home Organization Notebook back in order and I’m feeling pretty good about it. It’s giving me the little bit of structure that I need and allowing me to accomplish more during the day.

Since my Randoms post last week, I have continued to wake up around 6am for some time with God and some me time….after I pour myself a glass of iced coffee, of course. I think hope God understands that I need coffee that early in the morning in order to be clear headed enough to take in what He wants to tell me. Anyway….spending some one on one time with Him is definitely keeping me positive.

Did I mention that we did a makeover on our master bedroom? It was the last room to be done in our house (and we’ve been in this house for 12 years!). I’m working on finishing touches so I can take pictures and do a post soon! Here’s a couple of sneak peeks. :)
photo 2 (13)  photo 3 (8)

I’m so glad the warm weather is sticking around this week. I’m planning on taking the girls to the park and maybe even the zoo. It’s been quite windy the last couple of days though so I’m patiently waiting for a day that isn’t so windy (Notice I didn’t say calm? Yeah, that’s because there are no calm days in Oklahomawherethewindcomessweepingdowntheplains).

After everyone’s comments on Feeding Babies, I decided to try some real food with the girls so they had peas and Cheerios last night for dinner. They did pretty well with it so I may start transitioning them to more foods.

I started putting the girls in their play area to play rather than in the middle of the living room (their play area is right off the living room…actually it’s kind of part of the living room). I think they really like it…there’s just! for them to play with as opposed to the toys Mom would pick and choose to give to them. And let me tell you, these little 8.5 month old girls can make quite a mess! See exhibit A…
photo 1 (13)  photo (40)

Notice Miss Tensley on her knees? Yep, she’s been slowly working her way to pulling up. Hold Me!
She has also been pulling herself up by way of her sister’s hair =/ (be watching for another Mommy Dilemma post on this soon).
photo (41)

I purchased a couple of Sophie’s for the girls Easter baskets but since we learned that they had started teething (more specifically Tillie), I decided to give them their Sophie’s early. We gave them to them right after their bed time bottles…they were pretty excited about them but now, not so much. (Sorry for the bad pics…I used my iPhone and it was dark in the room since it was sleepy time.)
photo 1 (15)  photo 2 (17)

I made Bubble Up Pizza tonight. I came across the recipe on Pintrest and finally got around to making it tonight. It was so easy (about 12 minutes start to finish) and it was delish! I served it with salad. I just threw that in there because I find recipes all the time for main dishes but never know what to serve with them. Pizza & salad always goes together, right?
photo 5 (3)

Wow, when I started this post I didn’t think I had very many random things to post about. Go figure.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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  1. Time to lower the cribs, once my son was on his knees, it was no time at all before he pulled himself to standing!


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