March 6, 2012

They Keep Me on My Toes

Believe it or not, I haven’t really had time to blog the last few days. I’ve missed it and have had lots of topics to blog about swimming through my mind. I should/should have written them down for when I have writer’s block.

The newest thing around here is Tensley has started crawling. Crawling! I can’t believe it’s time for them to start crawling! …..Ok, mini meltdown over….. She doesn’t quite have it down yet but it is so fun to watch her. Every time I see her starting off in whatever direction that a sparkly/colorful/glowing thing has caught her attention, the theme song to Mission Impossible goes through my head. She’s so funny to watch. She’ll start off crawling (about 4 paces), then she’ll drop to her tummy and roll a couple of times, then she’ll do a little army crawl…stopping in between each method to stretch out and see if she can reach the curious object. And let me tell you, she’s FAST! Today I was in the kitchen and suddenly felt I was being watched. Then I heard a little giggle. As I turned my head, this is what I saw.
photo 2 (13)
She was so proud. It was too cute! After I took her back to the blanket she was suppose to be playing on, I immediately grabbed the vacuum and swept all the floors. :)

Tillie has been watching and is starting to make movements toward crawling but I expect it will be at least month before she really starts going. She’s pretty happy wherever you put her for now. She has, however, started doing this cheesy grin that has had us cracking up for days.
photo 1 (13)

Life is about to get very interesting around here. I see baby gates and corrals and all kinds of baby proofing in our future.

Stay Tuned……..

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  1. What a sweet cheesy adorable. And yay for your little crawler! Such a fun time!


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