March 14, 2012

Reasons why I believe having a schedule is important

Before TnT were born, I was all prepared to have them eat & sleep at the same time but as for a strict schedule, I was all schedule shmedule…blah, blah, blah. After the girls were born, I still wasn’t sold on a schedule but as they got older, I began to change my mind. Here are the reasons why…

I like to eat. My girls like to eat. I have a bad habit of getting wrapped up in my daily to do’s that I sometimes forget to eat breakfast and/or lunch. TnT do not agree. I made sure that they both ate at the same time but being able to remember when they ate last was no easy task for me. Having them on a feeding schedule ensures that they get their daily requirement of formula/baby food and that I actually stop to at least have a good breakfast and/or lunch.

Nap time = productivity. Nap time was a major struggle for me. That is, until I figured out when the girls needed to nap. I would get so frustrated because they would not sleep when I decided it was time for them to nap. Well, they either weren’t ready for their nap or were so beyond tired, they couldn’t calm down enough to nap. Once I figured out their cues, I was able to get them on a nap schedule. Now, I can put them down for a nap and they rarely fuss or fight me. They take 2 naps, 1 hour in the morning and 1.5-2 hours in the afternoon. That’s 3 hours I have to be really productive…but only if I’m in the mood to be productive, haha…!

We all need a good night’s sleep. In the beginning, we didn’t have a set bed time. This made for miserable evenings because we were fighting to get babies to sleep and with them going to bed late meant that we got behind on our evening chores, our time alone often suffered and we ourselves got to bed late causing a mild case of sleep deprivation. We still struggle with this as the girls grow and are (as they are right now) sick, but having a bed time routine really has made our evenings a little less stressful.

As I was thinking about this post….in my sleep deprived state….it hit me like a ton of bricks,  the main reason why so many moms are insistent on their children being on a schedule? IT’S FOR THE SANITY OF THE PARENTS! AND MORE SPECIFICALLY, THE MOM! Seriously. While I often find myself in a state of chaos, I don’t like chaos and feel much more at peace when everything goes according to schedule. The thing I need to get better about is actually scheduling time for specific tasks and “me” time…and sticking with it!

I’m not saying I have it all figured out. As I said above, I often still find myself in a state of chaos but boy, when I have a day that goes according to plan, I am one happy momma.

Do you have a schedule? Are you good about sticking to it?



  1. I love a good schedule and it was really important when BK was little but sometimes we're just so busy that sticking with an evening schedule is hard work.
    But, schedules and sanity go hand in hand ;)

  2. I was very very strict with Brayden's schedule, almost to the point of annoying myself, but it worked for him and he needed it. I got a lot of crap from family members, but I didn't care because they weren't the ones dealing with him 24/7. Now that K is here, she has kind of put herself on a schedule with my help- but at the same time, she kind of just has to go along with things for the sake of Brayden. It's definitely important. I could NEVER go without a schedule, but I think I have calmed down a little bit the second them.


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