March 23, 2012


I’m not sure why I blog. I hated writing in school. I’ve never been good at it. Coming up with topics and writing in an organized format is agonizing. I am a creative soul so why can’t I come up with good material? So frustrating.

I’m glad I blog though. I enjoy looking back at old posts. I’m glad I document things because I often forget. I should probably take some ginseng or something (that’s the supplement for memory, right?). See, I’m rambling. This is what I do….I ramble. It’s just the way my mind works.

On to more rambling….

Tillie had PT this morning. We started working on the army crawl today. Her torticollis is much better but we are still having to get a helmet because her head hasn’t rounded out enough (I’ll post more on that later). I have mixed feelings about it but I know it’s best for her. I’m worried that she won’t sleep at night. I’m bummed that she’ll have it during her 1st birthday party. I’m worried that it may keep her from progressing in her physical development. So many worries….but, I’m handing them over to God. I don’t have time to worry.

I’m glad the warm weather is back. I’m ready to take the girls to the park and the zoo. They’re still probably a little too young to enjoy either but I do know that they enjoy being out of the house every once in a while and they don’t seem to mind the bright shining sun anymore.

I’m excited to clean out our bedroom furniture tomorrow. We are going to sell it and get new…fewer pieces this time. Our current bedroom suit is just too big. We bought it while we were building our house and we thought our bedroom was going to be huge but not so much after the ginormous furniture we bought.

Have you clicked on my new menu buttons yet? You should. Go. Explore. Who knows, you might learn something new. ;)

And now for some bright rainbowey goodness. Rainbow

photo 1 (13)  photo 2 (13)
Waiting at the peds office.
photo 3 (8)  photo 4 (4)
I seem to be raising monkeys. They’ve been climbing all over me lately.
photo 5 (3)


  1. They are so cute and the time is going to fly! So having a blog is an amazing thing to capture the memories.
    Who cares if you ramble? Sometimes that is what makes the best blog posts! It makes you feel like you are actually hearing it as you would say it if we were talking face to face.
    I love your blog by the way so just keep doing whatever you are doing. :-)

  2. I think sometimes it's fun to read the ramblings. :) I enjoy reading your blog.. :)

    The girls are just precious, love their bright cheery outfits!

    I will continue to pray for Tillie. I know how hard it is to go through the helmet. We ended up not doing it but know lots of others who do. Hugs


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