March 13, 2012

How has it already been 8 months?!

I started this post over a week ago but we’ve had he sickies around here so it’s been hard to get it finished…along with other things.

My babies are growing way too fast! TnT turned 8 months old on the 7th. They are growing and learning and reaching new milestones faster than I can keep up!

The girls are so different from each other and have qualities that we love equally. They each have aspects of their personalities that we want to encourage even though some times they may drive us crazy or scare us to death!


Tillie Ann,
You are still as sweet as you ever were. You just have a sweet, quiet spirit about you that your daddy and I love. You are very inquisitive and we love sitting and watching you study things. You are very sensitive and get your feelings hurt easily but get over it quickly when we comfort you.

You have the most adorable little giggle and have recently started giving us a cheesy grin that you sometimes give us when we pull out the camera (but only if you’re in the right mood). Your favorite word right now is ‘babababa’ but when you’re upset, you clearly say ‘maaa maaa’. You also love to squeal…especially back and forth with your sister.

You are a pro at sitting up and are starting to try to figure out the whole crawling thing. For now, you just like to scoot around on your bottom.

You are a pretty good eater. You have eaten everything we have given you but sometimes will make a face if it’s new or you’re not too crazy about how it tastes…but you will eat it anyway. You really like Mum Mum’s And you love your puffs but only if we feed them to you. (We’re still working on getting you to pick them up and put them in your mouth yourself.)

WEIGHT: Somewhere around 20 lbs
HEIGHT: Approx. 26”
CLOTHES: Some 6-9 month but mainly 12 month
TEETH: None yet but you certainly like to chew on things.













Tensley Kate,
You are our little adventurer….and daredevil. Your daddy and I love watching you explore and are always “re-locating” you to keep you from getting hurt. You want to touch (and eat) everything…especially your sister’s hair. You have yet to understand the meaning of the word, ‘no’. ;)

You like to giggle, jabber & squeal a lot. You often give us a big ornery grin when you realize you’re being watched. You say ‘babababa’ a lot and on occasion, you have repeated a few words that we have repeated while doing an activity like eating BANANAS and playing sit down and STAND UP.

You are a pro at sitting up but prefer crawling. Yes, you are crawling! You started just a couple days before you turned 8 months. You also like to plank, lol. Each time you venture to a ‘new’ area of the house, you are so proud and you kick your feet and giggle and squeal.

You are a great eater. You finish everything we give you and often act like you want more. You also get impatient when one of us is feeding both of you and we’re not doing it fast enough. You love eating Mum Mum’s and puffs.

WEIGHT: Around 20 lbs
HEIGHT: Probably a little less than 26”
TEETH: None yet but you have been chewing on things.


And now for outtakes of an attempted photo sesh with these two little octopus monkeys.


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