March 27, 2012

Feeding Babies

I don’t know why but the whole feeding TnT actual food thing just has me crazy confused. They are 8.5 months now and I’ve  just started them on a breakfast, lunch, dinner feeding schedule. Before, they were only getting breakfast and dinner. What’s next? And When?  They do really well with puffs and Cheerios so I’m thinking they could handle more but what? Oy.

I’m so glad we go for our 9 month WCC soon. The pediatrician gave me a chart of when and what foods they can have but I’m starting to think it’s just a guideline. I hear about other moms who are feeding their babies real food at 6-7 months! Does it depend on whether or not they have teeth? Ugh, why is this so confusing for me?

Maybe I just need to chill and go with what I’m doing now. Of course, they are still getting formula and for their meals they get oatmeal and the 2nd foods. I was making their food until we introduced meat. I refuse to puree meat so that’s when I started buying the baby food again.

Here’s the feeding schedule that I started today. It seemed to work out pretty well.

7:30/8am:  Bottle (6oz) & Breakfast (oatmeal & fruit)
11:30/12pm:  Bottle (6oz) & Lunch (oatmeal & meat/veggie or meat/fruit combo)
4pm:  Bottle (6oz) & Dinner (Meat/Veggie w/fruit or Meat/Fruit w/Veggie)
Anywhere from 7-8pm: Bedtime bottle (6oz)

They sometimes will have cheerios after breakfast and either puffs or Cheerios after lunch. I think Tensley could eat a horse because she never acts like she’s no longer interested/full. Tillie will often leave about an ounce left in her bottle. Since formula is so important until age 1 and since I’m feeding them their meals at the same time as their bottles now, I gave them bottles before food on the new schedule I started today. To my surprise, they both finished all of their bottles and all of their meals PLUS snacks.

So tell me, what did or are you doing with your infant(s) feeding schedule? Curious minds want to know. ;)

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  1. I can not wait until Mirah can have more than a bottle.. I can't wait to feed her! Ahh! Your babies are so precious.

  2. Hey girl! At 8 months, I fed both my kids whatever {with in reason, of course} we were eating. No teeth needed! Babies don't chew with their front teeth, they chew with their molars. Since babies don't get molars until they are one, they just gum whatever you give them. I just cut up things really, really small, and gave both girls really soft things to eat. Much better than baby food! :)

  3. This sounds pretty much like what we were doing at that age. At our 9 month the ped talked about finger foods and so we quickly started introducing that and now they pretty much self feed all the time. If we try and feed them they grab the spoon so it is a big mess. You are doing great! Oh yeah on the teeth thing R still only has 2 and J has 8 and they eat the exact same things. Just make sure you cut pieces small enough or it is soft enough and then will do fine!

  4. I started my baby on finger foods at 8 months because he showed a desire to feed himself more, I do steamed cut up veggies (turnips, carrots, sweet potato, squash), cut up ripe bananas, avocado. Him feeding himself is great because it saves time for me and keeps him occupied, I also had problems pureeing meat but discovered how to poach chicken and beef so its very tender. You can also do yogurt and cottage cheese at that age, and I suppose grated cheese also.

  5. I think around 6-7 months I started Brayden on puffs and cheerios...and gradually cut up fruit (cooked apples were a favorite), cut up pieces of string cheese, and whatever we were eating, within reason. Bananas, cut up mandarin oranges, peas, cooked broccoli and sweet potato fries were some of his favorites!


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