March 19, 2012

Baby Fashion on a Budget

If you’re a mom, then you know how fast babies grow. It seems like every time you wash a load of baby clothes it’s time to pack them away and buy new ones. Seriously. It’s crazy. You also know that baby clothes can get quite pricey. I just LOVE the smocked and monogrammed pieces that are so popular right now and the shoes are just adorable these days. But the prices on these type of things are sadly, way out of my budget since I’m having to buy for TWO…at the same time!

With a little help from our tax refund and some nice sales, I picked up a few things for the girls this week. They are 8 months old and are now in mostly 12 month clothes. Oy.

First, the girl needed jammies. We have 2 pair of 9 month and the rest were 6 month fuzzy footie jammies that we’ve been squeezing them in to for the last few weeks. I hope we didn’t stunt their growth, LOL.
Kohls had their Carter’s on sale so with a 30% discount, we got quite a deal. Then we got a couple pairs at Target. The Circo brand is very reasonable. I prefer zip ups but they were hard to find in sizes above 9 months so we got snaps. =/

The girls don’t have many dresses so I had to remedy that. I love seersucker so when I found these adorable dresses on sale at Kohls (again using my 30% discount), I went crazy trying to decide which ones to get. I basically got every one they had with two in the size I needed. Now I just need to find some cute sandals….

And just because I couldn’t resist the ladybug….
Also found on sale at Kohl’s and again, using my 30% discount.

For everyday play clothes, the little mix & match pieces you can get at Kohls and Target are my favorite and right now, they just happened to be on sale at Kohls…and yes, I used my 30% discount! ;P
clip_image001[11]  clip_image001[13]

Hopefully, this will last until at least their birthday….in a little less than 4 months! I think our total for all of this…getting 2 of each mind you…which is 40 pieces, was probably around $200.

I’m ready for these girls to slow down a little bit so that I can shop the clearance racks and start buying ahead. They’ve just been growing so fast that anything I did try to buy last season, is now too small for this season.

Now to just find shoes and hair bows/clips to match all this stuff……

Oh! And speaking of fashion on a budget! I have gone through the girls clothes and am getting rid of some of their NB up to 6 month clothes. If you or anyone you know might be interested, just click up there on ‘Baby Girl Clothes’. I have a few things there now and will be adding to it soon. I’ll try my best to keep it updated if something sells. This page will be active for a couple of weeks. Happy Shopping!

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  1. Was the 30% discount a coupon or is that something you always get? Just wondering...I love Kohls and these outfits are so cute!!!

  2. It is a coupon that you get...typically if you have a Kohls card. I use my card then go home and pay it off.


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