March 30, 2012

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I had planned on posting my bedroom makeover today but instead I'm linking up with Kelly for her Show Us Your Life - Moms of Multiples link up.

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March 29, 2012

A Journey to Onederland

About a month or so ago, I decided on the theme for TnT’s 1st birthday (I’ve actually been thinking about this since they were born…maybe even before). Anyway, I am doing a Onederland theme….Alice style.

I have done lots of research and pinned lots of ideas and I’ve started purchasing things for their party (even though I’m going all out, I’m still trying to do this on a small budget). With Easter and Spring stuff out in the stores now is the perfect time to buy stuff for this particular theme.

When I did craft shows, I had a Spring booth set up with tissue paper topiaries, butterflies and flowers. Thankfully, I still have that stuff because I am so going to use it for the girls’ party.
Tissue Flowers 00003  Deluxe 00007

Once Target re-stocked their dollar section with the spring items I was beyond excited to find pink flamingo yard stakes. Also from the dollar section, I’ve picked up some baskets, flower pots and recently found a white rabbit! You can’t have Onderland without the white rabbit.
photo 1 (13)

I’ve also been scoping out Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree. I found some Alice in Wonderland coloring books at Dollar Tree and snatched up some cute little mushrooms at Hobby Lobby.

Since some of the attendees read my blog, I’m going to save some of the details until after the party but I will tell you that there will be a rabbit hole, a Mad Hatter Tea Party and a Queens court.

I’m probably a little more excited about this than I should be since TnT will not remember this party at all. Oh well, I’ll just have to make sure I have pictures for them to look back on. :)

Now I just need to get busy and start designing the printable party d├ęcor!

Did you go all out for your child(ren)’s 1st birthday? What did you do?

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March 28, 2012

Wednesday Randoms

We’re having a good week so far. My new outlook is still intact. ;)

I got my Home Organization Notebook back in order and I’m feeling pretty good about it. It’s giving me the little bit of structure that I need and allowing me to accomplish more during the day.

Since my Randoms post last week, I have continued to wake up around 6am for some time with God and some me time….after I pour myself a glass of iced coffee, of course. I think hope God understands that I need coffee that early in the morning in order to be clear headed enough to take in what He wants to tell me. Anyway….spending some one on one time with Him is definitely keeping me positive.

Did I mention that we did a makeover on our master bedroom? It was the last room to be done in our house (and we’ve been in this house for 12 years!). I’m working on finishing touches so I can take pictures and do a post soon! Here’s a couple of sneak peeks. :)
photo 2 (13)  photo 3 (8)

I’m so glad the warm weather is sticking around this week. I’m planning on taking the girls to the park and maybe even the zoo. It’s been quite windy the last couple of days though so I’m patiently waiting for a day that isn’t so windy (Notice I didn’t say calm? Yeah, that’s because there are no calm days in Oklahomawherethewindcomessweepingdowntheplains).

After everyone’s comments on Feeding Babies, I decided to try some real food with the girls so they had peas and Cheerios last night for dinner. They did pretty well with it so I may start transitioning them to more foods.

I started putting the girls in their play area to play rather than in the middle of the living room (their play area is right off the living room…actually it’s kind of part of the living room). I think they really like it…there’s just! for them to play with as opposed to the toys Mom would pick and choose to give to them. And let me tell you, these little 8.5 month old girls can make quite a mess! See exhibit A…
photo 1 (13)  photo (40)

Notice Miss Tensley on her knees? Yep, she’s been slowly working her way to pulling up. Hold Me!
She has also been pulling herself up by way of her sister’s hair =/ (be watching for another Mommy Dilemma post on this soon).
photo (41)

I purchased a couple of Sophie’s for the girls Easter baskets but since we learned that they had started teething (more specifically Tillie), I decided to give them their Sophie’s early. We gave them to them right after their bed time bottles…they were pretty excited about them but now, not so much. (Sorry for the bad pics…I used my iPhone and it was dark in the room since it was sleepy time.)
photo 1 (15)  photo 2 (17)

I made Bubble Up Pizza tonight. I came across the recipe on Pintrest and finally got around to making it tonight. It was so easy (about 12 minutes start to finish) and it was delish! I served it with salad. I just threw that in there because I find recipes all the time for main dishes but never know what to serve with them. Pizza & salad always goes together, right?
photo 5 (3)

Wow, when I started this post I didn’t think I had very many random things to post about. Go figure.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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March 27, 2012

Feeding Babies

I don’t know why but the whole feeding TnT actual food thing just has me crazy confused. They are 8.5 months now and I’ve  just started them on a breakfast, lunch, dinner feeding schedule. Before, they were only getting breakfast and dinner. What’s next? And When?  They do really well with puffs and Cheerios so I’m thinking they could handle more but what? Oy.

I’m so glad we go for our 9 month WCC soon. The pediatrician gave me a chart of when and what foods they can have but I’m starting to think it’s just a guideline. I hear about other moms who are feeding their babies real food at 6-7 months! Does it depend on whether or not they have teeth? Ugh, why is this so confusing for me?

Maybe I just need to chill and go with what I’m doing now. Of course, they are still getting formula and for their meals they get oatmeal and the 2nd foods. I was making their food until we introduced meat. I refuse to puree meat so that’s when I started buying the baby food again.

Here’s the feeding schedule that I started today. It seemed to work out pretty well.

7:30/8am:  Bottle (6oz) & Breakfast (oatmeal & fruit)
11:30/12pm:  Bottle (6oz) & Lunch (oatmeal & meat/veggie or meat/fruit combo)
4pm:  Bottle (6oz) & Dinner (Meat/Veggie w/fruit or Meat/Fruit w/Veggie)
Anywhere from 7-8pm: Bedtime bottle (6oz)

They sometimes will have cheerios after breakfast and either puffs or Cheerios after lunch. I think Tensley could eat a horse because she never acts like she’s no longer interested/full. Tillie will often leave about an ounce left in her bottle. Since formula is so important until age 1 and since I’m feeding them their meals at the same time as their bottles now, I gave them bottles before food on the new schedule I started today. To my surprise, they both finished all of their bottles and all of their meals PLUS snacks.

So tell me, what did or are you doing with your infant(s) feeding schedule? Curious minds want to know. ;)

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March 26, 2012

A New Outlook

Before I start this post, I want to start by thanking everyone for their sweet, encouraging comments on some of my recent posts. It is very comforting to know that I’m not alone in my struggles with being a good mom and wife. Thank you for allowing me to vent. :)

You know how you have a good day and at the end of that day you feel like you can do anything? I had one of those days yesterday. It happens to me often…and usually after I’ve had a bad day…or a few bad days. However, I’m hoping this time, it’s different.

I plan on taking this feeling and enjoying it but also filing it away in my brain and in my heart. I want to be able to remember this feeling for when I have those bad days. I want to remember that there will be good days. Days that I feel like Super Woman and can accomplish things. Simple things.

This weekend, after many, many discussions about re-doing our bedroom, James finally decided it was time. I will blog more about this in detail later but basically, we did just that. We bought new furniture, a new quilt for our bed and new curtains. We emptied out the old furniture and moved it out. With an empty room, I went crazy on the cleaning. I vacuumed and dusted every little part of our room. Then we moved in the new furniture and put our room back together. It was awesome! I love our new bedroom. Its new and uncluttered and clean and PRETTY! We/I accomplished something and it felt good.

A few months ago, I made myself a Home Organization Notebook. I kind of got away from using it and am planning to get it back in order. I think it will help me with my day to day. However, for some parts of it, such as my daily/weekly chores, I am going to use it more of a guideline rather than a strict schedule. I am now accepting the fact that I will not be able to complete all of it but it will at least give me a bit of structure. I will “schedule” small daily tasks that I can accomplish and keep a list of the bigger things as weekly projects and if they don’t get done, I’ll just carry them over to the next week.

My main goal here is to be able to enjoy being with my girls during the day and spending time with family without worrying about my ‘to do’ list.

Now I need YOU, my loyal readers, to help me. I am not perfect and I am going to try to stay positive, but I am human, so it’s very possible you will see more posts of me venting about not being to get it all done. So, if you see more posts like this one, let me vent but please remind me of today’s post so I can get back on track.

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March 23, 2012


I’m not sure why I blog. I hated writing in school. I’ve never been good at it. Coming up with topics and writing in an organized format is agonizing. I am a creative soul so why can’t I come up with good material? So frustrating.

I’m glad I blog though. I enjoy looking back at old posts. I’m glad I document things because I often forget. I should probably take some ginseng or something (that’s the supplement for memory, right?). See, I’m rambling. This is what I do….I ramble. It’s just the way my mind works.

On to more rambling….

Tillie had PT this morning. We started working on the army crawl today. Her torticollis is much better but we are still having to get a helmet because her head hasn’t rounded out enough (I’ll post more on that later). I have mixed feelings about it but I know it’s best for her. I’m worried that she won’t sleep at night. I’m bummed that she’ll have it during her 1st birthday party. I’m worried that it may keep her from progressing in her physical development. So many worries….but, I’m handing them over to God. I don’t have time to worry.

I’m glad the warm weather is back. I’m ready to take the girls to the park and the zoo. They’re still probably a little too young to enjoy either but I do know that they enjoy being out of the house every once in a while and they don’t seem to mind the bright shining sun anymore.

I’m excited to clean out our bedroom furniture tomorrow. We are going to sell it and get new…fewer pieces this time. Our current bedroom suit is just too big. We bought it while we were building our house and we thought our bedroom was going to be huge but not so much after the ginormous furniture we bought.

Have you clicked on my new menu buttons yet? You should. Go. Explore. Who knows, you might learn something new. ;)

And now for some bright rainbowey goodness. Rainbow

photo 1 (13)  photo 2 (13)
Waiting at the peds office.
photo 3 (8)  photo 4 (4)
I seem to be raising monkeys. They’ve been climbing all over me lately.
photo 5 (3)

March 22, 2012

Pure Love

I just LOVE these girls. There are no words to express how much love I have for them.


Happy Thursday!

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March 21, 2012

Random Wednesday

Thank you all for your encouraging words yesterday and thank you for making me feel less lonely in this. I hope and pray that as moms, whether you’re a working mom, a WAHM or a SAHM, we can all find balance in our lives.

Even though the girls didn’t go to bed until 11:30, I got a full night’s sleep!

photo 5 (3)
Last night before bed, I decided I needed to make my quiet time a priority. It’s been a long time since I had one and that needs to change. After a good night of sleep, I woke up at 6am this morning and did that first thing and let me tell you, God spoke to my heart…like in a hit you over the head, knock you on your feet kind of way. If you read yesterday’s post and are in the same boat as me, read Job 11:13-20 (I may blog more on this later).

photo 1 (13)
It’s been raining and is a tad bit chilly here this week. (That picture is of a yard down the street from us. There’s a very small creek that runs through there that floods every time we get a substantial rain.) I’m ready for the sun & warmer temps to come back so I can get the girls out of the house and maybe go to the park….or even the zoo.

We had to lower Miss Tensley’s mattress last night because she started pulling up to her knees. After James lowered it, she now pulls up on to her feet. =/

Tillie has been fighting sleep like crazy. For the last couple of days when I put her down for a nap or at bed time, she starts crying…like an all out hysterical, can’t breathe kind of cry. I don’t like it. I need to figure out why she’s doing this.

Keeping in mind the possible baby distractions, I’m making a small, manageable to-do list for myself today. Baby steps.

I ordered the girls some cute dresses from Totsy yesterday. I’m pretty happy with the deal I got…6 dresses for less than $10 each. After my (and my mom’s) Kohl's trip, I think they’re good on dresses now.

James always uses humor when I’m stressed out. This was one of our texts yesterday:
photo 2
He’s so funny.

When he got home, he gave me some reprieve and let me go run errands. My first stop was Starbucks and thank goodness I did since the girls decided to have a late night party. It was good to get out and clear my head and not have to be mom for a couple of hours. When I got home, he was pretty much frazzled. He is great with helping me with the girls but he doesn’t have them by himself very often. I think it’s good for him to experience a little bit of what I go through on a day to day basis every now and then. ;)

Enjoy the rest of your week!

If you have or know of anyone who has baby girl(s), don’t forget to browse through the “Baby Girl Clothes’ up in the menu above. I hope to add a little more today. I have/will be adding sizes 0-6 months clothes.

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March 20, 2012

Someone, Please Tell Me I’m Not Alone

Loneliness & defeat.

These are things I’ve been struggling with lately…no, I take that back. I’ve been struggling with it for quite a while.

I love being a SAHM to TnT but sometimes it gets lonely. Being with them makes me happy. We play, and we cuddle, and we giggle. Life with twins is good. But, I do miss the interaction with adults.

When James gets home, it’s still all about babies and with bedtime being what it is right now, we don’t get any time to ourselves. Date nights are very rare. Getting a baby sitter for twins is hard. Taking care of two babies is hard. It’s not for the weak. Just ask my family. When James’s mom was in the hospital and we went for the day, my family worked in shifts to take care of the girls…because it’s exhausting.

I enjoy interacting with adults in the virtual world…especially my twitter moms… but it just isn’t the same. My fellow virtual moms are encouraging and supportive but I can’t go and have a cup of coffee with them or meet them at Chick-fil-A for a play date or have a girls night out. I need to meet some other SAHM moms.

On defeat…
I can be a domestic diva….if I have time. I love to cook. I love things to be neat and tidy and organized. I knew going in that with two babies there might be a little bit of a struggle with this but I had no idea how bad it would be. Take this blog post for instance…I started it 3 hours ago and am still working on it. Not because I can’t find the words to type but because I am caring for TWO babies. This one needs a diaper change so I change the diaper, that one is fussy because she’s sleepy so I put both girls down for a nap. Well, that one doesn’t think she’s sleepy so she cries & whines and moans until she finally falls asleep. Then the other one wakes up and fusses so she wakes up the sleeping one. It’s a never ending battle. The simplest tasks such as cleaning the kitchen can take up to 2 hours. In this area, I feel defeated.

I chose to be a SAHM not because I don’t want to work but because I didn’t want to send my babies to daycare….and also because the cost of daycare for two babies is insane. In fact, I actually wanted to be a WAHM. I have 2 Etsy shops and a photography business that are pretty much sitting idle right now. I would love to be able to contribute to our family at least a little bit but I am learning that even that is practically impossible without having help in some form. A lot of moms have told me they work after their children go to bed. That would be nice if mine would actually go to sleep at a decent hour! In this area, I also feel defeated.

I know several women warned me about the loneliness of being a SAHM and the struggle to keep a house going but I wanted it. I still do. I just need to figure out some balance. I’ve tried schedules and organizational notebooks but neither has worked that great for me so far.

I’m sorry to be such a Debbie Downer today but I just needed to vent. Again, don’t get me wrong, I feel very, very blessed to have my girls and to be able to stay at home with them. I enjoy every moment I have with them. Everyone is great with encouraging words and virtual hugs and I totally appreciated it. People have been telling me for months that it will get better and I know it will….I just wish someone could tell me when. I just need things to change and trying to figure out how to do this has just left me feeling lonely and defeated.

Someone please tell me I’m not alone. Or that you went through the same thing and figured out how to have it all….or at least almost all. And if you have figured it out, please share your secrets.

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March 19, 2012

Baby Fashion on a Budget

If you’re a mom, then you know how fast babies grow. It seems like every time you wash a load of baby clothes it’s time to pack them away and buy new ones. Seriously. It’s crazy. You also know that baby clothes can get quite pricey. I just LOVE the smocked and monogrammed pieces that are so popular right now and the shoes are just adorable these days. But the prices on these type of things are sadly, way out of my budget since I’m having to buy for TWO…at the same time!

With a little help from our tax refund and some nice sales, I picked up a few things for the girls this week. They are 8 months old and are now in mostly 12 month clothes. Oy.

First, the girl needed jammies. We have 2 pair of 9 month and the rest were 6 month fuzzy footie jammies that we’ve been squeezing them in to for the last few weeks. I hope we didn’t stunt their growth, LOL.
Kohls had their Carter’s on sale so with a 30% discount, we got quite a deal. Then we got a couple pairs at Target. The Circo brand is very reasonable. I prefer zip ups but they were hard to find in sizes above 9 months so we got snaps. =/

The girls don’t have many dresses so I had to remedy that. I love seersucker so when I found these adorable dresses on sale at Kohls (again using my 30% discount), I went crazy trying to decide which ones to get. I basically got every one they had with two in the size I needed. Now I just need to find some cute sandals….

And just because I couldn’t resist the ladybug….
Also found on sale at Kohl’s and again, using my 30% discount.

For everyday play clothes, the little mix & match pieces you can get at Kohls and Target are my favorite and right now, they just happened to be on sale at Kohls…and yes, I used my 30% discount! ;P
clip_image001[11]  clip_image001[13]

Hopefully, this will last until at least their birthday….in a little less than 4 months! I think our total for all of this…getting 2 of each mind you…which is 40 pieces, was probably around $200.

I’m ready for these girls to slow down a little bit so that I can shop the clearance racks and start buying ahead. They’ve just been growing so fast that anything I did try to buy last season, is now too small for this season.

Now to just find shoes and hair bows/clips to match all this stuff……

Oh! And speaking of fashion on a budget! I have gone through the girls clothes and am getting rid of some of their NB up to 6 month clothes. If you or anyone you know might be interested, just click up there on ‘Baby Girl Clothes’. I have a few things there now and will be adding to it soon. I’ll try my best to keep it updated if something sells. This page will be active for a couple of weeks. Happy Shopping!

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March 16, 2012

We Survived!

It’s Friday morning. All is calm in the Mills house. Babies are sleeping. I’m listening to music on my iPod…something I miss doing….I need more music in this house.

Little Miss Tensley has survived her first virus. It was an awful one. She had a pretty high fever for about 4 days. It finally broke yesterday and by the end of the day, our spunky little girl was back. There was lots of crying, whimpering, sleeping and snuggles. There was a not so fun doctor’s appointment…actually it was beyond not fun…it was down right awful. It was a hard week but she survived.

Tillie, thankfully, had not caught this nasty virus and hopefully, she doesn’t. She was a trooper this week. She played on her own…kept her self busy for the most part. She didn’t fuss too much or demand my attention while I was cuddling or taking care of Tensley. She watched Mickey Mouse Club House and Bubble Guppies and Backyardigans. She babbled and giggled. She was a good girl. She didn’t get a lot of attention this week but she survived.

With Tensley being sick and Tillie not, mommy guilt was in full force. I felt guilty for exposing Tensley to an awful illness that would kidnap her spunky/playful spirit…even though I have no idea how she got it. I felt guilty that Tillie didn’t get a lot of mommy time due to caring for a sick Tensley. I felt guilty for not having meals done when James got home from work. I felt guilty for letting the laundry get stay behind. I felt guilty for James having to come home to a messy house. It was a long stressful week but I survived.

photo 1 (13)  photo 2 (13)
photo 3 (8)  photo 4 (4)
photo 1 (14)  photo (37)

Have a great weekend!

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March 14, 2012

Reasons why I believe having a schedule is important

Before TnT were born, I was all prepared to have them eat & sleep at the same time but as for a strict schedule, I was all schedule shmedule…blah, blah, blah. After the girls were born, I still wasn’t sold on a schedule but as they got older, I began to change my mind. Here are the reasons why…

I like to eat. My girls like to eat. I have a bad habit of getting wrapped up in my daily to do’s that I sometimes forget to eat breakfast and/or lunch. TnT do not agree. I made sure that they both ate at the same time but being able to remember when they ate last was no easy task for me. Having them on a feeding schedule ensures that they get their daily requirement of formula/baby food and that I actually stop to at least have a good breakfast and/or lunch.

Nap time = productivity. Nap time was a major struggle for me. That is, until I figured out when the girls needed to nap. I would get so frustrated because they would not sleep when I decided it was time for them to nap. Well, they either weren’t ready for their nap or were so beyond tired, they couldn’t calm down enough to nap. Once I figured out their cues, I was able to get them on a nap schedule. Now, I can put them down for a nap and they rarely fuss or fight me. They take 2 naps, 1 hour in the morning and 1.5-2 hours in the afternoon. That’s 3 hours I have to be really productive…but only if I’m in the mood to be productive, haha…!

We all need a good night’s sleep. In the beginning, we didn’t have a set bed time. This made for miserable evenings because we were fighting to get babies to sleep and with them going to bed late meant that we got behind on our evening chores, our time alone often suffered and we ourselves got to bed late causing a mild case of sleep deprivation. We still struggle with this as the girls grow and are (as they are right now) sick, but having a bed time routine really has made our evenings a little less stressful.

As I was thinking about this post….in my sleep deprived state….it hit me like a ton of bricks,  the main reason why so many moms are insistent on their children being on a schedule? IT’S FOR THE SANITY OF THE PARENTS! AND MORE SPECIFICALLY, THE MOM! Seriously. While I often find myself in a state of chaos, I don’t like chaos and feel much more at peace when everything goes according to schedule. The thing I need to get better about is actually scheduling time for specific tasks and “me” time…and sticking with it!

I’m not saying I have it all figured out. As I said above, I often still find myself in a state of chaos but boy, when I have a day that goes according to plan, I am one happy momma.

Do you have a schedule? Are you good about sticking to it?


March 13, 2012

How has it already been 8 months?!

I started this post over a week ago but we’ve had he sickies around here so it’s been hard to get it finished…along with other things.

My babies are growing way too fast! TnT turned 8 months old on the 7th. They are growing and learning and reaching new milestones faster than I can keep up!

The girls are so different from each other and have qualities that we love equally. They each have aspects of their personalities that we want to encourage even though some times they may drive us crazy or scare us to death!


Tillie Ann,
You are still as sweet as you ever were. You just have a sweet, quiet spirit about you that your daddy and I love. You are very inquisitive and we love sitting and watching you study things. You are very sensitive and get your feelings hurt easily but get over it quickly when we comfort you.

You have the most adorable little giggle and have recently started giving us a cheesy grin that you sometimes give us when we pull out the camera (but only if you’re in the right mood). Your favorite word right now is ‘babababa’ but when you’re upset, you clearly say ‘maaa maaa’. You also love to squeal…especially back and forth with your sister.

You are a pro at sitting up and are starting to try to figure out the whole crawling thing. For now, you just like to scoot around on your bottom.

You are a pretty good eater. You have eaten everything we have given you but sometimes will make a face if it’s new or you’re not too crazy about how it tastes…but you will eat it anyway. You really like Mum Mum’s And you love your puffs but only if we feed them to you. (We’re still working on getting you to pick them up and put them in your mouth yourself.)

WEIGHT: Somewhere around 20 lbs
HEIGHT: Approx. 26”
CLOTHES: Some 6-9 month but mainly 12 month
TEETH: None yet but you certainly like to chew on things.













Tensley Kate,
You are our little adventurer….and daredevil. Your daddy and I love watching you explore and are always “re-locating” you to keep you from getting hurt. You want to touch (and eat) everything…especially your sister’s hair. You have yet to understand the meaning of the word, ‘no’. ;)

You like to giggle, jabber & squeal a lot. You often give us a big ornery grin when you realize you’re being watched. You say ‘babababa’ a lot and on occasion, you have repeated a few words that we have repeated while doing an activity like eating BANANAS and playing sit down and STAND UP.

You are a pro at sitting up but prefer crawling. Yes, you are crawling! You started just a couple days before you turned 8 months. You also like to plank, lol. Each time you venture to a ‘new’ area of the house, you are so proud and you kick your feet and giggle and squeal.

You are a great eater. You finish everything we give you and often act like you want more. You also get impatient when one of us is feeding both of you and we’re not doing it fast enough. You love eating Mum Mum’s and puffs.

WEIGHT: Around 20 lbs
HEIGHT: Probably a little less than 26”
TEETH: None yet but you have been chewing on things.


And now for outtakes of an attempted photo sesh with these two little octopus monkeys.


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