February 22, 2012

We’ve Got the Sickies

Aside from dragging myself out to get some Sudafed last night, I have not been out of the house since last Friday. The girls came down with a cold last week and Sunday night, it hit this momma. They seemed to handle it better than me. They still wanted to eat & play but I just wanted to lay around and do absolutely nothing. So, after some prodding from James, I finally went and got some Sudafed and today, I felt so much better. I had to sleep on the couch last night because Tillie was only able to sleep in her bouncer due to her congested, snotty nose but I slept great.

The weather was beautiful today, sunny & in the 70’s. I didn’t get out to enjoy it but just the thought of it being so nice out made me get the Spring cleaning bug. And, you know, since I was feeling so good today, I decided to get our tax stuff together so I started sorting the mountain of papers that were strung across every surface in our home office. And then, once I found our desk and filing cabinet, I dusted it! Probably not a great idea for someone who has a cold/sinus issues but the urge was there so I gave in to it. I really wish I had taken before & after pictures, it was BAD. I also managed to finish 3 loads of laundry & clean the kitchen. This was the most I’ve done in days, people…maybe even weeks!

We’re all still a little under the weather and now James seems to be coming down with the sickies. Did I mention my sister and her family all had colds and then a stomach virus? Yeah, we haven’t seen them in a while even though they practically live next door. Let’s hope that stomach virus doesn’t find it’s way here. Anyway, I hope my energy continues to return because with so many people getting sick, especially the babies, we’ve decided to limit the girls outings through next month. We will really only get them out for Tillie’s PT appointments and any other doctor’s appointments they have.

Pray for me because even though it’s not as bad now that I have babies, I am bad about getting cabin fever. I will definitely be looking forward to getting out for Tillie’s PT appointments every Friday.

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