February 14, 2012

Run Baby Run!

I hate running…always have. The only time would want to run is if I were being chased. Well guess what…I’m being chased…by a giant scale….with a large number on it. A number that I DO. NOT. LIKE. It’s too big of a number. I need it to go away and go away fast so I did what anyone who knows me wouldn’t believe if I told them. I started running.

Last week, I downloaded the C25K app on my phone and did the first day. I loved it! Then this past weekend I did the second day and was reminded why I hate running. It was tough. It was the same session as the first time I did it but my body just didn’t’ want to do it. However, I burned 250 calories and that was enough motivation to carry on. I still hate running but I’m determined to lose the last of my preggo weight. Heck, I’m even thinking about doing a 5K in the Spring.

Have you tried the C25K app? Are you currently using it? Do you have any weight loss goals? Let’s cheer each other on!

P.S. Since my last post about MyFitnessPal, I’ve teetered around a 3 lb loss. It’s not much so I’m hoping this new workout will help. If you’re on MFP, look me up! I’m on there as HLMills.

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