February 14, 2012

Low Key V-Day

I woke up thinking I would make a special meal for James for Valentine’s day. We hadn’t discussed doing anything and honestly, I had forgotten that it was Valentine’s day until the night before.

I woke the girls up, gave them their bottles and decided to take a shower in case I needed to run to the store. When I went to get the girls out of bed both of them had runny noses and Tillie’s was the worst. I changed their diapers and suctioned out their noses then took them to the living room to play while I made their breakfast. When I picked Tillie up, I noticed her runny nose was worse and it was yellow. Ewwww. A call to the doctor turned into a trip to the doctor just to make sure they were ok. It is RSV season, ya know. So much for the special meal for hubby.

James took off early to go with me (the doctor’s office is the only place I don’t like to go without help). The girls checked out fine. No signs of RSV whatsoever, praise the Lord! Turns out they just have a simple cold. Oh, and by the way, Tillie now weighs 18lbs 11oz and Tensley weighs 17lbs 14oz. They’ve gained over a pound in just 3 weeks!! At this rate, I’m going to go broke buying clothes for these two! Please tell me it slows down soon, please?

So after our lovely afternoon visit to the pediatrician we made a stop for Mexican food and of course, Target. While at dinner, James told me to check my email. When I checked it, I came across a confirmation for this…..!
photo 1 (13)

I’m so excited and can’t wait til it gets here!

After dinner, we stopped at Target to spend too much money get the girls a toy we had been talking about getting for them. It’s a little piano that they can sit at now and play with that will also transition to when they are standing/walking. I think it’s safe to say that it was a good purchase.
photo 2 (13)

It wasn’t an extravagant day but all in all it was a pretty good Valentine’s day. I got to spend it with my 3 most favorite people and that’s all that matters. Hope you all had a great Valentine’s day!

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  1. And those are the best kind. I spent the 13th getting so much stuff ready for the kids classes and my DH's B-day that I could barely think by the time all was said and done. I should probably have done half as much and enjoyed it more!
    PS sorry your girls are sick. My twins got sick two weeks ago, gave it to the oldest and youngest last week and now I have it! It never ends. Get some rest so you can keep up and hopefully stay healthy!


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