January 26, 2012

We don’t know what Normal is anymore

I’ve been missing from the blogging world the last week. Ever since we thought we were losing James’s mom, things have been a little hectic. It’s been rough. One minute she’s good and improving, the next minute she’s coding. We are all on an extreme emotional roller coaster. As a SAHM, having one day where you are off schedule just throws everything off.  You know how when you are working at a job/career and you take a vacation and when you come back you spend days playing catch up. Yeah, that. We’re having a lot of those days lately but we are coping and adjusting. We are just extremely glad and blessed that my MIL is still with us.

This morning, while the cable guy was going through the house changing out cable boxes, me & the girls stayed out of the way & played in their play area off the living room.


Can you tell they hadn’t been awake very long? :)  They had breakfast & napped shortly after this little photo shoot.

If you’ve been praying for us, we really appreciate it…and if you would, please continue to pray for our family as we ride this emotional roller coaster.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your MIL. I'll keep you and yours in my thoughts. You have beautiful little girls...makes me want another lol

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog and you have the most adorable little girls! And I love the title of your blog. We are four days away from meeting our little one, and I can't tell you how many times I've recently heard "You just wait..." You've got a new follower!

  3. Yep, Tillie is going to be a red head. She's s getting so pretty. And, we need to get that other one happy so we will have some good pics.


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