January 11, 2012

Random Wednesday

Feels like it’s been longer than a week since my last Random post. Oh well, here it goes…

I still haven’t taken down our Christmas decorations. I have had the intention to for the last week or so but other things have taken priority.

I started making my own baby food for the girls this past weekend. I made green beans, peas and squash. Green beans are HARD to puree, just FYI. The girls had their first taste of it last night…I mixed it with fruit so it went well. Neither one spit it out, thank goodness!

I had some Captain Crunch with berries cereal the other night and it made me long for summer so I could have a Captain Crunch Frapp from Starbucks. What? You’ve never heard of it? Here’s what you order: A Strawberries & Cream frapp with a shot of toffee nut. Trust me. If you like Captain Crunch, you’ll love this because it tastes EXACTLY like the cereal minus the gunk that sticks to the top of your mouth. So Yummy!!

I’m almost out of my Donut Shoppe K-cups which makes me very sad because K-cups are not good for my grocery budget. So instead, I’ll make due with the “make your own” k-cup option and use that “other” donut shop coffee for now. If you see any REALLY GOOD sales or coupons on k-cups, please let me know.

The girls are no longer sleeping to the recording of our Dyson. It wasn’t not working we just got sick of hearing it through the monitor. We are now using and old iPhone with a white noise app and it’s working wonderfully! We have it set on Heavy Rain…it works on the girls and us!

I think I’ve decided on the theme of the girls 1st birthday (I’ll share later…once I start gathering things for it). I know it seems kinda early to start planning but with the way time gets away from me these days, I think it’s justified.

I finally listed a couple of printables for Valentine’s day in my Etsy shop. I also have a couple of custom orders I’m working on. I love that I’m getting to use my creative brain again.

I got my first paying photography gig! I’m excited and nervous. My biggest fear is not getting any good pictures and ruining the memories of the family. It’s why I am hesitant to ever agree to do a wedding. Is this normal?

Some of my best girlfriends are coming into OKC in a couple of weeks. I’m so excited for them to meet the girls. This picture was taken at my baby shower back in May. I was about 7 months pregnant at the time. In college we were known as the Chips & Salsa girls because we would stay up late eating….wait for it…..Chips & Salsa! haha!
05 07 11_0372

Hope your week is going good so far!

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  1. I started planning my son's first birthday momths ago. And it's happening this weekend! Ahh, it is never too early to start ;)

  2. I've already started thinking about my twins first bday and they are only two weeks old haha!! I LOVE cap'n crunch so I will definetly order that!! Yummy I can't wait! I think it's completely normal to be nervous about the photo gig!! You'll do great:-)

  3. A captain crunch frapp? omg! I never new about such a thing! Totally ordering next time!


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