January 4, 2012

Random Wednesday: This is Me

I’m doing a special edition of Random Wednesday this week. This is random things about me you might not know.

I’m a simple girl. I don’t get up and get ready every morning unless of course, I’m going somewhere and even then I'm probably wearing jeans, a t-shirt and vest or hoodie. Any make up I would wear would be mascara & some lip gloss. If you were to ring my doorbell on any given day, I’d most likely answer the door in my yoga pants and a t-shirt. I wouldn’t have any make up on and my hair would probably be in a pony tail.

This is me

I’m pretty laid back but have control issues (is that what they call an oxymoron?). I’m one of those people who will go behind you and redo what you’ve done if it wasn’t done my way. I know, I’m working on it…I’m a work in progress.

I love Jesus with all my heart. Without Him, I would not be where I am today.

I rarely curse and if I do I never, ever, ever use the “F” word. I hate that word and I cringe when I hear it.

I LOVE carbs. I don’t eat them as often as some may think but I probably have more than I should.

I love having my house clean but it’s rarely ever all clean at once. If I had the time I’d be scrubbing my house from top to bottom every couple of weeks. If I had the money, I’d pay someone else to do it. I don’t have either so whatcha gonna do?

My favorite color is red. Hence the red Kitchen Aid mixer and red Keurig you might have seen me post here and there.

I am a creative soul. When I’m not able to use my creativity in some way, I go mad…kinda like the Mad Hatter.

I refuse to watch tear jerker movies (I still haven’t seen The Notebook) because I not only cry at the drop of a hat but I ugly cry. It’s so bad that I usually have very swollen eyes the next day.

I love music. It heals my soul. It makes me happy. It gets me through tough times.

I love party planning but am not so good at the hostessing part.

At 27 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroid disease. I had my thyroid ablated about a year later. I now have to take a pill every day for the rest of my life.

I love the thought of organization. I good at planning but am not so good with the follow through. (Except for one kitchen cabinet…it has stayed organized since the day I organized it).

I am a huge procrastinator…even for things I want to do, I procrastinate. Related: I work best under pressure…I need deadlines.

I love Mexican food.

I enjoy cooking & baking but hate cleaning up the mess.

I love Tim Burton movies (thanks to Beetlejuice).

I am a very forgiving person.

I love my family and friends more than they know…almost to a fault.

So, did you learn anything new? Were you surprised by anything? I’m a pretty open person so if there is anything you would like to know about me, leave a comment, email me or track me down on twitter.

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  1. well, nice to meet you! We have lots in common!

  2. Well, I learned we are SO much alike! Seems like I wrote this post; except for the cursing (I really need to stop), I watch tear-jerkers, and your diagnosis. But everything else, I'm right there with you.


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