January 16, 2012

Manic Monday

Whew! This weekend was exhausting! I’m playing catch up on this oddly warm January day. It’s pretty windy but our high is 73 degrees today!

This weekend….

My grandpa (the girls ‘great great’) came up on Friday (he lives down at Lake Texoma) and wanted to have dinner with his family (most of us live in OKC). Afterwards, we went to my Aunt’s house just to visit. The girls were up way past their bed time but they did pretty good and slept really good that night.
photo (37)
And this was only half of us!
Saturday was a pretty laid back day. We stayed home…well I did…James left briefly to help is brother move a couch then he came home and worked outside for a bit. I stayed in with the girls, played with them and then had a 2 hour fight with them over nap time. If they only knew that there will be a time when they would give anything for a nap…
Yesterday we got up and actually made it to Church in time to go to the worship service (we usually only make it to Sunday School). I also shot my first event yesterday. I had a lot of fun but boy it totally wore me out! Who knew running around a room taking pictures would make you so tired?! Now I have over 300 pictures to sort through and edit. Oy.
photo (38)
After the photog gig, we went to my parents for dinner. My mom made lasagna, YUM! I might have had 2 servings…and then I might have also had a chocolate malt for dessert…I’m not looking forward to logging THAT into My Fitness Pal…I was so full. The girls got a bath in Mimi’s kitchen sink. They loved it! Once again we were out way past their bed time but thankfully I had jammies for them this time so they fell asleep on the way home and we were able to just put them straight to bed without waking up. Whew! We went to bed shortly after that.

Playing catch up today…

I am so glad I was in bed and asleep before 11pm because the girls woke me up at 6am and they were HUNGRY.
I worked on my couponing while the girls were sleeping after that 6am bottle. If you don’t coupon, you really should! If there’s a grocery store in your area that doubles coupons, it’s totally worth it. If you shop their sales, you can often get things for pennies if not for free! I cut our grocery bill in half since I started couponing.
I got a Shutterfly credit I need to use before Wednesday. I think I’m going to just get some prints to frame and maybe scrapbook…if I ever find the time to do that again.
I’m letting my ascrappydesign.com website go so that means I’m going to lose my email address. I’ll be setting up a new one today…I’m so not looking forward to having to change my email on all my sign in accounts, sites, etc…I think I’ll use gmail. What do you think? Do you prefer Yahoo or Gmail?
There are lots of little things around here that need to be done like entering my Huggies reward codes, filing away the coupons I printed & clipped this morning, cleaning the kitchen, making some baby food, finishing the girls laundry, and cleaning off my bed…there is a pile of clean clothes at the end of it that needs to be folded.
How was your weekend? Are you playing catch up like I am today?
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  1. Yesterday being "blue Monday", I felt the full effects of it and didn't feel like doing anything!

    And I use Gmail for my email.


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