January 3, 2012

Good Bye 2011

Happy New Year!

Two of us

I’m a little late on this post but I thought I’d go ahead and do a recap of 2011. I started this blog in September of 2010 because I was sick of people telling me, “just wait til you have kids”. Well, after just one post, it quickly turned into documenting our journey to becoming parents.

In January, I got everyone caught up on my very emotional first trimester including the announcement that we were having twins! I also wondered why no one told me what to expect at my first OB appointment.

In February I posted my first belly pic and after seeing all you girls on twitter with your new baby bumps, I now know that I was already HUGE at 15 weeks…I should have known I would have ended up looking like the marshmallow man by the end of my pregnancy. This was also the month that I announced the genders of our twinsies.

By March my energy level was very low so I only had one post with a recap of my second trimester.

Blogging in April was non-existent. Carrying twins was just plain exhausting. Add in a full time job and I did nothing, notta, zippo when I was home.

I finally had the nursery done in May and shared it with everyone along with a mini pregnancy update.

I put myself on bed rest in June and had the girls on July 7th…just two days after my 35th birthday. As you can probably guess, with two babies life got pretty hectic and if I wasn’t up with babies I was sleeping so again, I failed to blog.

I finally started blogging again in August where I posted part one of TnT’s Birthday and in September things seemed to get a little easier with the girls because I really picked up on blogging.

I started September with part two of TnT’s Birthday and the paparazzi. I also got everyone caught up on the girls First Month and then I was finally caught up when I posted their Two Month update. Then I posted my realizations about being a SAHM and bragged a little about what a good hubsy James is when I have my little meltdowns.

October was a little random but I sent out cries for help with my No Nap Babies and then updated everyone with a Three Month update on TnT. I ended the month with a post about some Changes that I wanted to make (which looking back now, they didn’t really stick except for the bedtime routine).

November included a Four Month update on the girls, reflecting back to November the year before, and my new job as a SAHM.

And finally, December was a busy month that started out with a 5 month update on the girls. We also made an attempt to do our own family photos and I posted embarrassing pictures of my post partum body. Our month ended with a trip to Santa and our Christmas celebration.


My blogging last year was a little sporadic and I hope to be more consistent this year. I didn’t post a lot about it but last year was a really hard year for our family. We had a lot of losses in our family last year and the only good thing about the year was the birth of our precious baby girls. My hope and prayer is that 2012 is a great year with lots of positives.

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