January 10, 2012

6 Months!

Ok, so I’m a little late posting TnT’s 6 month update since they were 6 months on Saturday! We celebrated their half birthday with dinner at one of our favorite BBQ restaurants with my mom, dad, sister & her family. Ok, so the dinner might have been more for us but whatever ha!


I took the girls to Target for their 6 month shoot. I know, GASP! but you’re a “photographer”. I just thought maybe, just maybe, someone else could get the girls to cooperate better. Wrong! I actually think I could have done better (I just need to buy some backdrops & props). Anyway, we could not get Tensley to smile. Not even a little bit. She was so serious, lol. We did get a few good shots and I did go ahead and order a few prints (above is one of them).

The girls 6 month WCC isn’t until later this month so I don’t have their stats yet but I will post them once I have them.

On to the update….


Sweet Pea Tillie,
You are sweet and patient and have the cutest little giggle. It’s pretty easy to get you to smile. You love to play with your toys…you will grab them and shake them up and down with a big smile on your cute little face. You are quiet and very observant. You like to just sit and watch every thing that’s going on. You are also a mommy’s girl. If I’m in the room, you rarely take your eyes off of me…especially if someone else is in the room. You love your sissy very much. If you are in separate rooms and you hear her, you start looking around for her.

You have been a good little sleeper lately. You will moan & babble when you are tired. You fight bed time a little bit but once you are asleep, you sleep most of the night. Sometimes you will wake up between 5-6am to eat but then you go right back to sleep. You have started taking regular naps in the morning and afternoon.

You have started rolling over both ways but most of the time you are content just the way I put you down. You have recently started moving around in your crib. Sometimes I find you on your tummy and sometimes you will be sideways with your legs propped up on your bumper. I think you have started acting interested in crawling because when you are on your tummy and you want a toy that is too far away, you kick your legs like you are trying to scoot to where you want to go. There are still signs of your torticollis (you still prefer to look & lay with your head to your right) but Ashley, your physical therapist, says you are getting stronger every week.

You still enjoy your baby food. When I put you in your high chair you get excited because you know what that means. You’ve had green beans, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, peaches, prunes, pears, bananas and applesauce and you like pretty much all of it although I think carrots and bananas are your favorite.

You can still fit into some 3-6 month clothes but really you will probably have to start wearing your 6-9 month clothes. You are currently wearing size 2 diapers but I think the next bag of diapers I buy will be size 3.



Sassy Pants Tensley,
You are just that…sassy. But in a cute, make mommy & daddy laugh kinda way. Even your expressions often look sassy. lol You are sweet and a little impatient at times. You love your sissy so much. Any time she is fussy or crying you reach out for her. On the flip side, you also like to pester her by pulling her hair and resting your feet on her. You “talk” pretty much non-stop. You like your toys but lose interest pretty fast and start to wander off the blanket.

You are still a good sleeper. Sometimes you fight us at bed time but you typically fall asleep pretty fast and will sleep all night. In fact, I often have to wake you up in the mornings if Tillie hasn’t already. You are also taking regular naps in the morning and afternoon.

As I mentioned above, you are getting around just fine. When I put you down for tummy time, you often roll your way off the blanket and sometimes you get pretty far before I notice. We had taken your bumper out of your crib because you kept scooting into the corner but we have put it back because you kept getting your arms and legs “stuck” between the slats and would scream until we “rescued” you. I think you’ll be crawling soon. You can also sit up for a few seconds at a time without assistance. On Saturday, your 6 month birthday, you reached for me for the first time.

You love your baby food. You’ve have green beans, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, peaches, pears, applesauce, prunes, and bananas and you like all of it. You don’t seem to have a favorite but I have noticed you get a little more excited with bananas.

You’re a tiny little thing. You still wear 3-6 month clothes and can wear some 6-9 months but they are usually a little baggy. You are still wearing size 1 diapers but I think once those are gone, size 2 will fit you just fine.


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  1. they are seriously THE cutest! Happy 6 Months TnT! I often feel the same way about pictures of C.. Could someone else do a better job? I can only imagine how ridiculous I look/sound trying to maneuver the camera AND shout/yell/sing/dance to get his attention and make him sit still for a minute! HA! It's NOT easy!!!


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