December 30, 2011


Yesterday was a really good day. It was the first day I can remember where neither I or the girls got frustrated. Actually, we were laughing most of the day.

They woke up so I went to get their bottles & medicine ready. After their bottles, I took them into the living room for play time.

Play time

We played with some new toys and some not so new toys. When they got a little tired, I fed them their fruit and cereal and then I decided to try to get them to nap in their crib and guess what, it worked! I rocked each one a little and put them in their cribs and they went to sleep…for an hour and a half! Guess what I did? If you said nap, you’re funny. haha! I finished cleaning the kitchen, folded 2 loads of laundry and took a shower!

When they woke up they had another bottle and then we all got ready and ventured out to the grocery store. They do well anyway when we are out and about but they were in a very good mood thanks to that nap! When we got home we had some more play time. The girls were being so silly. They had me cracking up!

Silly girls

And then this happened….

Tensley the thief

Not only does Tensley hoard paci’s under her crib…she steals them too! I love that look on Tillie’s face like, “don’t even think about taking my paci!” hahahahaha!

Paci Thief

Paci Thief!!!!!! Haha!

Hope every one has a happy and safe New year!

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  1. This IS good news! Glad the naps are working for all of you :) And also glad I found your blog this year! Can't wait to see the girls grow- they already look so big!


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