December 9, 2011

A Typical Day

Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Our schedule is a little off since Thanksgiving. Here’s a typical day:

7am – 9am Tillie typically wakes up first. I get up change her diaper and give her medicine and a bottle. By the time she’s done eating, Tensley wakes up and I do the same with her.

9am-11am I put the girls in their bouncers where they usually take their morning nap. During this time I head to the kitchen to get it cleaned up, wash/prepare bottles, and try to eat a little breakfast & have some coffee.

11-12pm Play with the girls, change diapers, feed girls.

12pm The witching hour seems to have started way early these days. I try to get other chores done the rest of the afternoon but I spend most of it tending to fussy babies (they are at least considerate enough to take turns being fussy…most of the time). It’s getting to where I can’t get out of their line of sight. Sometimes, if I’m going to be in a certain room for an extended period of time, I just move them to where I’m going to be but it doesn’t always work so I usually end up just holding one or both of them to keep them happy therefore, putting off chores.

Somewhere between 4-5pm I attempt to start dinner. (Did you notice the witching hour seems to be lasing about 5 hours?) This is easier with James home but with him going to the hospital he doesn’t get home until after 5pm these days which means that dinner and bath time coincide. Do you see where this is going?

5-9pm Dinner, bath time and bed time are all happening. By the time we get both girls down, it’s usually around 9pm. After that, both of us usually crash in our favorite spots in the living room, watch a dvr’d show or two and then stumble down the hall and collapse into bed.

Wow, it even makes me tired typing all that out. We had a good schedule going about a month ago and I’m really hoping we can get back on it but I’m guessing it won’t be until after the holidays.

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  1. Just remember that everything is a phase. It eventually passes.

  2. busy momma! Did you ever imagine this? haha. It's so worth it, but tiresome, too! I think ours sleep the witch away! They eat at 6:30-7:30..up for an hour on our bed in boppys..then they start fussing/yawning/heavy eyes..nap until 10:30am and then wake. We play until about 11:45-12..they go back down until & play..back down at 3:30 then wake at 4:30 eat..and then play..then swing..bouncer..and they sleep if they want..sometimes we just hold them..sometimes they just chill and look around... until usually 6:30..bath at 6:45. Ours just get SO FUSSY when they are tired, so maybe that's what t&t could be doing?!


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