December 12, 2011

A Good Weekend

Hello friends! Can you tell that I’m in a good mood? :)

We had a pretty good weekend. Friday, Tillie had a PT appointment so after her appointment, I did some Target shopping and then met James at the hospital to see his mom. We were going to decorate that evening but we were too tired. I got a pretty good night’s sleep because James got up with the girls (bonus points).

Saturday, James spent some time with his brother so it was just me and the girls. When he got home that evening, we got the girls in bed and started to decorate. I didn’t put up ALL of my decorations but we did enough to make it feel like Christmas around here (which I so desperately needed).

photo 1photo 2
photo 3photo 4

Aren’t those stockings the cutest?! I love whimsical things so when I saw these at Target, I knew they were the ones for our little family.

Yesterday (Sunday) was a great day. James was home and we got to spend the entire day with him. It felt good…like we had some normalcy around here again. We started the day at church where the girls stayed in the nursery for the first time and they did great! Mommy did ok too but Daddy, well, he didn’t do so well. It about killed him, I think. LOL After church, we had lunch with my sis and her family then we headed up to the hospital to decorate James’s mom’s room. After that we headed home where the girls got to see the tree lit up for the first time. I thought the lights might wow them but they didn’t seem to interested. I think they were just tired. I did, however, have the camera ready just in case they showed excitement so I did get a few (not so great) snapshots of them in one of their Christmas outfits.

12 11 11_1805 copy
Little Miss Tillie. We’re still working on her Torticollis (fancy word for tightened muscle in her neck).

12 11 11_1799 copy
Little Miss Tensley. Hey, wait a minute! Girlfriend is missing a couple of bows…little twerp. Haha!

So that’s our weekend in a nutshell. We’re hoping this week is a little more normal too. How was your weekend?

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