December 8, 2011

5 Months!

Well, I started this post on their 5 month birthday (yesterday) but didn’t get it done until shortly after midnight so I’m a day late (but is anyone keeping track?)

Ok…so I just uploaded over 200 pictures taken of TnT over the last month so this is going to be like a picture book update. :D

11 23 11_1598

11 24 11_158111 24 11_1582
                          Tillie                                                         Tensley

At their 4 month Well Child, Tensley weighed 12lbs 12oz and Tillie weighed 13lbs 7oz (they’ve both more than doubled their birth weights like they’re suppose by 4 months, Yay!). They were both basically 23 3/4” long. Tillie is now wearing some 3-6 months but is starting to fit in 6-9 months. Tensley is wearing 3-6 months but a lot of it is still a little big…she’s a tiny little thing.

They’ve both decided that they like baby food after all and both fuss when their food is all gone….until I give them a bottle, then they forget all about the food, lol.

Tensley has perfected rolling over both ways and seems to be wanting to crawl (Lord help me!) Tillie, on the other hand, can roll over both ways but she prefers someone to do it for her. :)

Everything has started going to their mouths. You don’t even want to know the nastiness those little blankies pictured below.

Both girls are ticklish and have started to giggle when being tickled or if you make funny noises. I’ve even caught them laughing at Elmo when he’s on TV.

They have become more attached to their blankies, hippo & monkey.

11 08 11_148811 08 11_1490

Tillie is still going to PT. She’s made a lot of progress but now we are fighting against habit…she’s so use to doing things a certain way…the wrong way.

11 09 11_1711

They still like to go shopping….most of the time.

11 10 11_169511 10 11_1697

They are getting more and more curious about each other.

11 12 11_168711 17 11_1643

One is always touching the other (whenever they can…usually it’s Tensley touching Tillie…I can just imagine the fights now).

11 15 11_165111 18 11_1621
11 19 11_161511 29 11_1551

Some days we are silly…..and some days we are a little more serious…

11 28 11_155911 29 11_1555

And now for a montage of TnT (sorry for some of the crappy iPhone pics).

11 08 11_149211 15 11_164911 17 11_1646
11 21 11_160811 26 11_157211 25 11_1579
12 06 11_151212 03 11_153111 23 11_1600

As you can see, we have a lot of fun (and some meltdowns but who wants to see pictures of those??) They are changing every day and I am so thankful that I get to be home with them to witness those changes (no matter how much you might hear me complain about how exhausted I am or lack of time for myself…blah, blah, blah).

Before my rambling goes on and on and never stops. I’m going to stop here. I hope you enjoyed the update!

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  1. Oh my, they are beautiful! I love how they are always touching each other and staying close; loving sisters! So cute! Glad Tillie is making progress :)

  2. ADORABLE!!!! Happy five months, girls!! :) I wish we were neighbors!


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