November 2, 2011

Wandering Thoughts

Haven’t done this in a couple of weeks…

*I’m loving watching the girls personalities develop and watching them learning new things & becoming more aware of their surroundings.

*I can’t remember the last time I had a Starbucks drink. I need to remedy that soon. Every one talking about the Red cup being out now reminded me that I need a couple more red Starbucks mugs to add to my collection (Red is my favorite color).

*I’m pretty happy with my new blog look. I needed desperately to do something creative and going into my studio to scrapbook is pretty much a no go right now. The little munchkins keep me pretty busy & the studio is right across from their room so crafting after bedtime isn’t an option (I need to work on a solution for this).

*I’m already getting into the fall/winter funk. I woke up yesterday with a scratchy throat and a drippy nose. I should have known the second we turned on the heater that I would be sick within days.

*Speaking of weather…it needs to make up it’s mind. I’d prefer it choose the warmer temps but I know inevitably it is going to get very cold….and windy. ARGH! However, I’m really hoping we don’t get snowed in like we did last year (not typical for Oklahoma).
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*I still have yet to start the P90 workout that I posted about on Monday. Again, little munchkins making it impossible. I guess it’s yoga pants and t-shirts for now. :(

Wow, that was a lot more negative than positive. I guess I’m in a funk in general. Hopefully, it fades soon.

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