November 8, 2011

Tummy Time

So, I’ve been worried about the girls hating tummy time. For a while, I didn’t really give them tummy time because they would get hysterical. However, Tillie really needs to strengthen her neck and Tensley, well, she just needs to get over it. Ha!

So this weekend I decided to start getting them back on a tummy time schedule. Saturday, during their witching hour I took them to their room (because they calm down nicely there during that time), laid a blanket on the floor and put them on their tummies. I really thought they would start fussing but they didn’t! This is how they handled tummy time:

11 05 11_131611 05 11_1318

I’m such a proud momma. This is the most they’ve EVER raised their heads during tummy time and for longer than a few seconds!

And then, they made mommy even prouder right before bed when they did this!

11 05 11_1446

Holy cow! I was getting so worried they’d fall behind but this made all those worries go away.

11 05 11_1445 11 05 11_1441

I mean really, how cute, strong & smart are they? They went from barely raising their heads for more than a few seconds to this in just a couple weeks. I’m grinning from ear to ear just looking at these pictures.

And just when I thought we’d have to work on the next thing, rolling over, little Miss Tensley figured out how to roll over onto her back from her tummy (she has already mastered rolling on to her tummy from her back). That happened yesterday morning while I was changing Tillie…I turned my back for 2 seconds & when I turned to check on her, she was on her back! I wondered how she did it so I put her back on her tummy & watched this time. The little stinker did it again before I could even blink! Tillie hasn’t mastered this yet but she had been working hard to figure it out….she’s almost got it down and with a little coaching from Mommy, I’m sure she’ll be rolling over in no time. :)

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