November 15, 2011

That’s Not How You Do It

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Going from Project Manager to SAHM was a pretty easy transition for me. When I was working and would have a day off where I just stayed at home, I dreamed about being home with my kids, keeping up on chores…and laundry, and just enjoying being at home. Once I became a SAHM, I started doing almost all of the chores and had a system on how to do them. Well, when James had to start pitching in because our extremely moody and somewhat possessed little beings little angels started requiring more of my time, we would have some….ahem, discussions about how to do things. I wanted him to do them my way and well…he didn’t. I admit I am somewhat of a control freak but I was thinking about this the other day and that’s not entirely why I want it done my way.

Let’s say you work in an office and your job is to take care of the filing system. You probably use a specific set of guidelines for filing the papers that come across your desk, right? Well let’s say one day you have to call in sick and someone who rarely, if ever, has to step in and take over your responsibilities. This person really has no idea how you do your job so they start filing these papers using a completely different system. You come back to work the next day and you can’t find anything. There are papers sticking out of all the folders and the whole filing room is just a complete mess….but the papers got filed.

Yes, it’s nice to have the help and yes sometimes all that matters is that it gets done but if I were to go back to work and can’t make heads or tails of where everything is or if I have to re-do every thing, the person helping didn’t really help at all.

Does anyone hear me on this? Do I have a point or am I being unreasonable?

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  1. yes...i hear you! We have had this conversation at my house too. I so feel your pain.

  2. My opinion, for what it's worth...I'd rather have the help and be thankful than no help because it had to be done my way. Sometimes good enough is a HUGE blessing. :-) (btw, took me raising 2 kids and 25 years of marriage to get there)

  3. You have a marvelous point! I think some folks (usually men) just don't get it! Of course, it is nice for me when my hubby REALLY listens and does something for me MY way! ;)


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  4. I've had to learn to just let my hubby help, even if he's not doing it like I do. It's tough!


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