November 16, 2011

Random Wednesday

I started to do another post and then I remembered it was Random Wednesday!

*I think we’ve pretty much recovered from our poop-filled (or lack of) weekend. Tillie seems to be doing much better…she had several bowel movements on Monday and was a much happier baby.

*My FIL is doing better. They found clots in his lungs so he’s been on blood thinners. We’re hoping he gets to go home today (it’s his birthday today).

*I’m still not completely caught up on chores from 2 weeks ago. I’ve gotten close but I’m not quite there yet.

*I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week! Where did the time go??

*I’m hoping I get to do some Black Friday shopping. Some of you might think I’m crazy but I love Black Friday…especially if I have my BFF/partner in crime with me. :)

*I’ve got a big couponing shopping trip today. I think it’s going to be my biggest yet (but no where near Extreme Couponing). If everything goes according to plan, I’ll do a post about it.

*The weather has been cold enough that I’ve been able to wear my Uggs a couple of times…it’s the only upside of Fall/Winter for me. Well, that and Football and Pumpkin Spice Latte’s.

*I’ve officially started up my photography business. Heather Leigh Mills Photography is ready for clients!

*I’ve also stocked A Scrappy Design with Christmas cards and will be adding Christmas tags soon!

*We started the girls on cereal & baby food. It’s been quite an experience.

*Tensley is now insisting that she sleep on her tummy. We kept rolling her over onto her back but she would just flip right back over on her tummy so we gave in. We have the Angel Care monitors (it monitors breathing motions & sounds an alarm if nothing is detected for 20 seconds) on both cribs so we’re ok with it.

photo 1 photo 3
Left: Tillie trying prunes for the first time. Right:The return of Happy Tillie…stupid bowels. :)

photo 2-2 photo 4
Little Miss Sassy Pants on her tummy. I think she’ll be crawling soon. =/

Hope everyone’s week is going good so far!

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  1. Photography, designs, and twin girls! Oh my! How do you do it!
    Glad to hear Tillie is doing better :)
    Oh, and my son decided he preferred to sleep on his tummy at 2 months. Sure, I worried and checked on him constantly (I love my Angel Care monitor!) but he started sleeping longer and better at night. Yay!


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