November 16, 2011

Random Wednesday

I started to do another post and then I remembered it was Random Wednesday!

*I think we’ve pretty much recovered from our poop-filled (or lack of) weekend. Tillie seems to be doing much better…she had several bowel movements on Monday and was a much happier baby.

*My FIL is doing better. They found clots in his lungs so he’s been on blood thinners. We’re hoping he gets to go home today (it’s his birthday today).

*I’m still not completely caught up on chores from 2 weeks ago. I’ve gotten close but I’m not quite there yet.

*I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week! Where did the time go??

*I’m hoping I get to do some Black Friday shopping. Some of you might think I’m crazy but I love Black Friday…especially if I have my BFF/partner in crime with me. :)

*I’ve got a big couponing shopping trip today. I think it’s going to be my biggest yet (but no where near Extreme Couponing). If everything goes according to plan, I’ll do a post about it.

*The weather has been cold enough that I’ve been able to wear my Uggs a couple of times…it’s the only upside of Fall/Winter for me. Well, that and Football and Pumpkin Spice Latte’s.

*I’ve officially started up my photography business. Heather Leigh Mills Photography is ready for clients!

*I’ve also stocked A Scrappy Design with Christmas cards and will be adding Christmas tags soon!

*We started the girls on cereal & baby food. It’s been quite an experience.

*Tensley is now insisting that she sleep on her tummy. We kept rolling her over onto her back but she would just flip right back over on her tummy so we gave in. We have the Angel Care monitors (it monitors breathing motions & sounds an alarm if nothing is detected for 20 seconds) on both cribs so we’re ok with it.

photo 1 photo 3
Left: Tillie trying prunes for the first time. Right:The return of Happy Tillie…stupid bowels. :)

photo 2-2 photo 4
Little Miss Sassy Pants on her tummy. I think she’ll be crawling soon. =/

Hope everyone’s week is going good so far!

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November 15, 2011

That’s Not How You Do It

photo (32)

Going from Project Manager to SAHM was a pretty easy transition for me. When I was working and would have a day off where I just stayed at home, I dreamed about being home with my kids, keeping up on chores…and laundry, and just enjoying being at home. Once I became a SAHM, I started doing almost all of the chores and had a system on how to do them. Well, when James had to start pitching in because our extremely moody and somewhat possessed little beings little angels started requiring more of my time, we would have some….ahem, discussions about how to do things. I wanted him to do them my way and well…he didn’t. I admit I am somewhat of a control freak but I was thinking about this the other day and that’s not entirely why I want it done my way.

Let’s say you work in an office and your job is to take care of the filing system. You probably use a specific set of guidelines for filing the papers that come across your desk, right? Well let’s say one day you have to call in sick and someone who rarely, if ever, has to step in and take over your responsibilities. This person really has no idea how you do your job so they start filing these papers using a completely different system. You come back to work the next day and you can’t find anything. There are papers sticking out of all the folders and the whole filing room is just a complete mess….but the papers got filed.

Yes, it’s nice to have the help and yes sometimes all that matters is that it gets done but if I were to go back to work and can’t make heads or tails of where everything is or if I have to re-do every thing, the person helping didn’t really help at all.

Does anyone hear me on this? Do I have a point or am I being unreasonable?

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November 14, 2011

It’s Been a Poop of a Weekend

I never thought I’d be glad to see an end to a weekend. This past weekend was a little stressful. So much so that I Pinged this to my BFF Saturday night…
*That was suppose to read 2lb, btw.

This is how the girls were on Thursday…
photo (29)

They look pretty happy right? Well I guess 2 days of being out and about was too much because from Friday to Sunday, this is how they looked.
07 23 11_1164
*This is an old pic but you get the idea. :)

Actually, Tensley was in a fairly good mood yesterday but poor Miss Tillie had been having tummy troubles all weekend. Seems she is a little extremely constipated.On Wednesday, the doctor switched her to Soy formula and has us giving her fiber filled baby food (all the p’s…peas, peaches, prunes, pears). Since the baby food is taking some getting use to, we are giving her pear juice but it hadn’t helped so far.  On Saturday, she took a pretty long nap…somewhere around 2.5 to 3 hours and then yesterday morning, she took another 2 hour nap and then yesterday evening she took yet another 2 hour nap. Since Tillie is my no nap baby, I knew something was wrong (she was also very lethargic…her little legs that usually kick nonstop were not moving. Not. At. All.) So, I called my Mom to see if she had any ideas but my sister just happened to be over there and answered the phone. After a little crying and explaining the situation, she said she’d be right over (she’s an RN). Once she arrived, we took Tillie and began to work on getting her some relief (I’ll spare you the ugly details…but let’s just say there were surgical items used =/ ). We were able to get her a little relief and the Tillie I know & love was coming back but still isn’t 100%. I’m really hoping the juice starts to help soon.

Also, amongst all the poop drama, my FIL was re-admitted to the hospital for dangerously high blood pressure (he had back surgery a week ago Friday).

So, here we go; another week that I’m going to try to get caught up house is a disaster, my meal planning for the week didn’t get done, and my weekly grocery/couponing trip for said meals has yet to happen. I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever get caught up!

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November 10, 2011

One Year Ago

On this day, one year ago, these little beings were being planted in my womb. How can anyone say there is no God when this…


becomes this……

TnT Newly Born

Our journey was long. It was trying. It was emotional and exhausting. It was…the best thing to ever happen to us and we can’t wait to do it again (but not anytime soon).

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November 9, 2011

Random Wednesday

Check me out, blogging 3 days in a row! :) I’ve already had an interesting week…

*Wasn’t crazy about my previous title for these posts. I think I like this one better, what do you think?

*Earthquakes, flooding, tornadoes, OH MY! (gotta love Oklahoma)

*Playing catch up this week from being sick last week. I’m getting there..may need a couple extra days though. :)

*Starting a photography business soon. I’ve been wanting to do this since before I was pregnant with the girls.

*I started back up with my couponing. Last night I spent $20 and got all of this…
11 08 11_1497

*I have a new layout in my head for what’s going to be the girls’ play area. Can’t wait until I can have the time to test it out.

*Can’t believe it’s time to start shopping for Christmas presents. I’ve been collecting toy for coupons…seems we’ll be buying a lot of those this year. ;)

*I lost 1 pound while I was sick. Oh yay. Now I just have 16 pounds to go. ha!

*I really, really need to go through our closet and get rid of A BUNCH of stuff.

*One year ago this week, some exciting stuff was happening (details will be posted tomorrow).

And…because they are just so stinkin’ cute (I might be a little biased) :D

11 08 11_148811 08 11_1490
They love their little blankies…Hippo & Monkey.

10 31 11_134311 08 11_1492
Please, pay no attention to Tillie’s hair…it’s untamable. I have no idea what to do with it. And look at Miss Tensley posing for the camera…sassy little thing! :)

Hope your week is going good!

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November 8, 2011

Tummy Time

So, I’ve been worried about the girls hating tummy time. For a while, I didn’t really give them tummy time because they would get hysterical. However, Tillie really needs to strengthen her neck and Tensley, well, she just needs to get over it. Ha!

So this weekend I decided to start getting them back on a tummy time schedule. Saturday, during their witching hour I took them to their room (because they calm down nicely there during that time), laid a blanket on the floor and put them on their tummies. I really thought they would start fussing but they didn’t! This is how they handled tummy time:

11 05 11_131611 05 11_1318

I’m such a proud momma. This is the most they’ve EVER raised their heads during tummy time and for longer than a few seconds!

And then, they made mommy even prouder right before bed when they did this!

11 05 11_1446

Holy cow! I was getting so worried they’d fall behind but this made all those worries go away.

11 05 11_1445 11 05 11_1441

I mean really, how cute, strong & smart are they? They went from barely raising their heads for more than a few seconds to this in just a couple weeks. I’m grinning from ear to ear just looking at these pictures.

And just when I thought we’d have to work on the next thing, rolling over, little Miss Tensley figured out how to roll over onto her back from her tummy (she has already mastered rolling on to her tummy from her back). That happened yesterday morning while I was changing Tillie…I turned my back for 2 seconds & when I turned to check on her, she was on her back! I wondered how she did it so I put her back on her tummy & watched this time. The little stinker did it again before I could even blink! Tillie hasn’t mastered this yet but she had been working hard to figure it out….she’s almost got it down and with a little coaching from Mommy, I’m sure she’ll be rolling over in no time. :)

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November 7, 2011

4 Months

Today is the girls 4 month birthday. Can you believe it?! They are growing and developing so fast. I love watching them do & learn new things.

I don’t have their “official” 4 month pictures yet…I’ll post those later.

Tillie Ann:

  • You have returned as my happy laid back baby (we had a brief period of major fussiness and just plain unhappiness…not sure what it was)
  • You seem to be cutting teeth. You have been drooling/slobbering like crazy and love chewing on your fingers. I’m thinking you’re bottom front teeth will be coming soon.
  • Your eyes are still blue as blue can be.
  • Your hair is getting longer and lighter….there’s even still a little red tint to it.
  • I love seeing your enormous smile when I go to get you up in the mornings.
  • You are a late sleeper.
  • You’re not a fan of sleep. It’s hard to get you to nap and we have to comfort you at least once after we’ve put you to bed at night.
  • Your PT is going well and you had started looking sleeping facing your left but you are now sleeping mainly facing the right again. We are hoping you won’t have to have a helmet but it’s not looking good.
  • You have successfully sat in your Bumbo seat although you get tired quickly and start to slouch.
  • You have no interest in standing when we hold you up and a lot of the time you don’t really care to sit up with assistance.
  • When we lay you on a blanket on your back, you pretty much stay in the same place but boy do you like to move those legs! They are constantly moving…kick, kick, kicking!
  • You have definitely outgrown your size 0-3 month clothes and have pretty much outgrown most of your 3 month clothes. I’m still able to get you in a lot of the 3-6months clothing though.
  • Your reflux has improved dramatically since starting meds for it.
  • You are loving your monkey blankie that MiMi bought for you. When you do nap, you usually have a hold of “monkey” with both hands.

Tensley Kate:

  • Your fussiness has decreased and seem to be happier more. However, you still hold the title of Drama Queen in this house.
  • You, like your sister, seem to be teething but I haven’t been able to see any evidence. You are just drooling/slobbering and chewing on your fingers.
  • Your eyes are still as blue as they can be.
  • I love listening to you babble through the monitor when you wake up and I’m still in bed. I also love seeing your cute little grin when I go to get you up in the mornings.
  • I think you are going to be my early riser.
  • You are good at taking naps and go to bed with no trouble whatsoever. I can tell when you are tired because you reach back and grab either your hair or your ears.
  • You successfully sit in your Bumbo seat but get bored quickly.
  • You are always stiffening out your body and love to stand when we hold you up.
  • When we lay you on a blanket, you are all over the place. You often end up in a 180 from how I put you down and you constantly roll over onto your tummy and then get ticked off so I have to “rescue” you. You do the same when you are in your crib. Your legs, like your sister’s, are also always on the move. I’m going to be in trouble when you two start crawling/walking.
  • You have definitely outgrown your 0-3 month clothing but can still wear your 3 month clothing (although you are getting too long for your 3month footie jammies). You wear your 3-6month clothing pretty well.
  • Your reflux has gotten much better since starting on meds but you still occasionally spit up quite a bit.
  • You like your hippo blankie that MiMi bought for you and will sometimes hold on to it when you are sleepy.

And now for picture overload…

10 04 11_070710 04 11_0712

10 13 11_067310 31 11_1334

10 22 11_141610 22 11_1421

10 26 11_139610 26 11_1401

10 29 11_137010 29 11_1360

10 31 11_134810 31 11_1349

11 03 11_132711 05 11_1323

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November 6, 2011

Feeling Better & The Week Ahead

Last week was kind of a dud. I didn’t leave the house all week. Mainly because my scratchy throat and drippy nose turned into a sinus infection so I didn’t feel like doing much of anything. Boo! I finally got some antibiotics on Friday and am already feeling much, much better.

This week is going to be a busy one. Thank goodness I’m feeling better! I have all of last week’s chores to get caught up on and I’m determined to finally start working out again. My FIL is having back surgery tomorrow afternoon. It’s suppose to be stormy tomorrow so I’m going to try to get most of the chores done before his surgery. The girls have their 4 month WCC and Tillie has PT on Wednesday. It seems like there’s something else this week but I can’t think of it at the moment.

Oh yeah, did I mention we had an earthquake last night? Yep, a 5.6 right here in Oklahoma. It wasn’t the first earthquake in Oklahoma but the first one I had actually felt. Let’s just say I’ll be ok if I never, EVER, feel one again.

Here’s a preview of this week’s posts:
*The Girls 4 Month Update
*An Update on Tummy Time (I’m very excited about this one!)
*This day one year ago
*Fashion Friday

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November 2, 2011

Wandering Thoughts

Haven’t done this in a couple of weeks…

*I’m loving watching the girls personalities develop and watching them learning new things & becoming more aware of their surroundings.

*I can’t remember the last time I had a Starbucks drink. I need to remedy that soon. Every one talking about the Red cup being out now reminded me that I need a couple more red Starbucks mugs to add to my collection (Red is my favorite color).

*I’m pretty happy with my new blog look. I needed desperately to do something creative and going into my studio to scrapbook is pretty much a no go right now. The little munchkins keep me pretty busy & the studio is right across from their room so crafting after bedtime isn’t an option (I need to work on a solution for this).

*I’m already getting into the fall/winter funk. I woke up yesterday with a scratchy throat and a drippy nose. I should have known the second we turned on the heater that I would be sick within days.

*Speaking of weather…it needs to make up it’s mind. I’d prefer it choose the warmer temps but I know inevitably it is going to get very cold….and windy. ARGH! However, I’m really hoping we don’t get snowed in like we did last year (not typical for Oklahoma).
01 29 10_0637

*I still have yet to start the P90 workout that I posted about on Monday. Again, little munchkins making it impossible. I guess it’s yoga pants and t-shirts for now. :(

Wow, that was a lot more negative than positive. I guess I’m in a funk in general. Hopefully, it fades soon.

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November 1, 2011

Hello Tuesday!

Today was better than yesterday. Well aside from the fact that I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat & a drippy nose..stupid weather change.

Remember yesterday's post about changes? I was successful with all but the working out part. Off to a bad start on that one, huh? Or I guess not really a start at all. Ugh!

Also, we didn't really make any Halloween plans but if we had, they probably would have fallen through because the girls had been fussy all day. They refused to nap but were sooo tired. However, we did get them in bed by 9pm. Just before their baths, we did get about 20 minutes of them being happy so we hurried & dressed them in their costumes so we could snap a few pics.

The girls were baby bunnies.

And I was a crazed SAHM of twins. LOL

After we got the girls in bed we crashed in the living room and watched some shows on the DVR. Oh and I also got to do some work...on the blog. It's still a work in progress but what do you think?

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